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Mammillaria (globe cactus)

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The genus Mammillaria is one of the largest in the cactus family (Cactaceae), with currently 200 known species and varieties recognized. Most of the mammillarias are native to Mexico, but some come from the southwest USA, the Caribbean, Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala and Honduras.
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Mammillaria albicans
Mammillaria albicoma (Endangered)
Mammillaria albiflora (Critically Endangered)
Mammillaria albilanata
Mammillaria anniana (Critically Endangered)
Mammillaria armillata
Mammillaria aureilanata (Endangered)
Mammillaria backebergiana
Mammillaria barbata
Mammillaria baumii
Mammillaria beneckei
Mammillaria berkiana
Mammillaria bertrandis <Unverified Name>
Mammillaria bicornuta <Unverified Name>
Mammillaria blossfeldiana
Mammillaria bocasana
Mammillaria bocensis
Mammillaria boelderliana
Mammillaria bombycina (silken pincushion cactus)
Mammillaria boolii
Mammillaria brandegeei
Mammillaria candida (snowball cactus)
Mammillaria capensis (Endangered)
Mammillaria carmenae (Isla Carmen pincushion cactus) (Critically Endangered)
Mammillaria carnea
Mammillaria carretii
Mammillaria centhricirrha <Unverified Name>
Mammillaria cerralboa
Mammillaria coahuilensis (Endangered)
Mammillaria columbiana
Mammillaria compressa
Mammillaria crinita
Mammillaria crucigera (Endangered)
Mammillaria decipiens
Mammillaria deherdtiana
Mammillaria densispina
Mammillaria dioica (strawberry cactus) (Attributes)
Mammillaria discolor
Mammillaria dixanthocentron
Mammillaria duoformis
Mammillaria duwei (Critically Endangered)
Mammillaria eichlamii (Endangered)
Mammillaria ekmanii
Mammillaria elongata (gold lace cactus)
Mammillaria eriacantha
Mammillaria erythrosperma
Mammillaria evermanniana
Mammillaria fittkaui
Mammillaria flavicentra
Mammillaria formosa
Mammillaria fragilis <Unverified Name>
Mammillaria gasseriana (Endangered)
Mammillaria geminispina (twin spined cactus)
Mammillaria gigantea
Mammillaria glassii
Mammillaria glochidiata (Critically Endangered)
Mammillaria grahamii (Graham pincushion cactus) (Attributes)
Mammillaria grusonii
Mammillaria guelzowiana
Mammillaria guerreronis
Mammillaria guillauminiana
Mammillaria haageana
Mammillaria hahniana (old lady cactus)
Mammillaria halbingeri
Mammillaria halei
Mammillaria hernandezii (Endangered)
Mammillaria herrerae (Golf ball) (Critically Endangered)
Mammillaria heyderi (little nipple cactus) (Attributes)
Mammillaria huitzilopochtli
Mammillaria humboldtii (Critically Endangered)
Mammillaria hutchisoniana
Mammillaria insularis
Mammillaria jaliscana
Mammillaria johnstonii (Endangered)
Mammillaria karwinskiana
Mammillaria klissingiana
Mammillaria knippeliana
Mammillaria kraehenbuehlii
Mammillaria lasiacantha (lacespine nipple cactus) (Attributes)
Mammillaria laui (Critically Endangered)
Mammillaria lenta
Mammillaria linaresensis
Mammillaria longiflora
Mammillaria longimamma
Mammillaria luethyi
Mammillaria magnifica
Mammillaria magnimamma (Mexican Pincushion)
Mammillaria mainiae (Maine pincushion cactus) (Attributes)
Mammillaria mammillaris
Mammillaria marcosii (Critically Endangered)
Mammillaria marginatus <Unverified Name>
Mammillaria marksiana
Mammillaria mathildae (Endangered)
Mammillaria matudae
Mammillaria mazatlanensis
Mammillaria meiacantha
Mammillaria melaleuca (Endangered)
Mammillaria melanocentra
Mammillaria mercadensis
Mammillaria meyranii
Mammillaria microhelia (Endangered)
Mammillaria moellendorffiana <Unverified Name>
Mammillaria moelleriana
Mammillaria morganiana (Owl’s eyes)
Mammillaria muehlenpfordtii
Mammillaria multidigitata
Mammillaria mystax
Mammillaria nana
Mammillaria napina
Mammillaria neopalmeri
Mammillaria nivosa (woolly nipple cactus) (Attributes)
Mammillaria nunezii
Mammillaria orcuttii
Mammillaria oteroi
Mammillaria painteri
Mammillaria parkinsonii (owl-eye pincushion) (Endangered)
Mammillaria pectinifera (Endangered)
Mammillaria peninsularis (Endangered)
Mammillaria pennispinosa (Critically Endangered)
Mammillaria perbella
Mammillaria petrophila
Mammillaria petterssonii
Mammillaria phitauiana
Mammillaria picta
Mammillaria pilispina
Mammillaria plumosa (feather cactus)
Mammillaria polyedra
Mammillaria polythele
Mammillaria pondii
Mammillaria poselgeri
Mammillaria pottsii (rattail nipple cactus) (Attributes)
Mammillaria pringlei
Mammillaria prolifera (Texas nipple cactus) (Attributes)
Mammillaria rekoi
Mammillaria rettigiana (Endangered)
Mammillaria rhodantha (rainbow pincushion)
Mammillaria roseoalba
Mammillaria saboae
Mammillaria sanchez-mejoradae (Critically Endangered)
Mammillaria sartorii
Mammillaria schiedeana
Mammillaria schumannii (Endangered)
Mammillaria schwarzii (Critically Endangered)
Mammillaria scrippsiana
Mammillaria seitziana <Unverified Name>
Mammillaria sempervivi
Mammillaria senilis
Mammillaria sinistrohamata
Mammillaria sonorensis
Mammillaria sphacelata
Mammillaria sphaerica (longmamma nipple cactus) (Attributes)
Mammillaria spinosissima (red-headed Irishman)
Mammillaria standleyi
Mammillaria supertexta (Endangered)
Mammillaria surculosa (Endangered)
Mammillaria tamayonis <Unverified Name>
Mammillaria tayloriorum
Mammillaria tetrancistra (corkseed pincushion cactus) (Attributes)
Mammillaria theresae (Critically Endangered)
Mammillaria thornberi (Thornber pincushion cactus) (Attributes)
Mammillaria tonalensis
Mammillaria uncinata
Mammillaria varieaculeata
Mammillaria vetula
Mammillaria viridiflora (green-flower nipple cactus)
Mammillaria wagneriana
Mammillaria weingartiana
Mammillaria wiesingeri
Mammillaria winterae
Mammillaria wrightii (Wright pincushion cactus) (Attributes)
Mammillaria xaltianguensis
Mammillaria zeilmanniana (Critically Endangered)
Mammillaria zephyranthoides
Mammillaria zublerae (Endangered)


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