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Chionanthus (fringetree)

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Chionanthus /ˌkaɪ.ɵˈnænθəs/, common name: fringetrees, is a genus of about 150 species of flowering plants in the family Oleaceae.The genus has a wide distribution primarily in the tropics and subtropics, but with three species extending north into temperate regions, one (C. retusus) in eastern Asia and two (C. virginicus and C. henryae) in eastern North America. Most of the tropical species are evergreen, while the three temperate species are deciduous.
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Chionanthus acunae
Chionanthus adamsii (Endangered)
Chionanthus africanus
Chionanthus albidiflorus (Critically Endangered)
Chionanthus amblirrhinus
Chionanthus avilensis
Chionanthus axillaris
Chionanthus axilliflorus (hueso) (Attributes)
Chionanthus ayresii
Chionanthus bakeri
Chionanthus balgooyana
Chionanthus battiscombei
Chionanthus beccarii
Chionanthus boutonii
Chionanthus brachystachys
Chionanthus brachythyrsus
Chionanthus brassii
Chionanthus broomeanus
Chionanthus bumelioides
Chionanthus calcicola
Chionanthus callophylloides
Chionanthus callophyllus
Chionanthus camptoneurus
Chionanthus caudifolius
Chionanthus caymanensis (Ironwood) (Endangered)
Chionanthus celebicus
Chionanthus clementis
Chionanthus colonchensis
Chionanthus compactus (bridgotree) (Attributes)
Chionanthus cordifolius
Chionanthus cordulatus
Chionanthus coriaceus
Chionanthus crassifolius
Chionanthus crispus
Chionanthus curvicarpus
Chionanthus cuspidatus
Chionanthus decipiens
Chionanthus densiflorus
Chionanthus dictyophyllus
Chionanthus diversifolius
Chionanthus domingensis (white rosewood) (Attributes)
Chionanthus dussii
Chionanthus ellipticus
Chionanthus enerve
Chionanthus eriorachis
Chionanthus evenius
Chionanthus ferrugineus
Chionanthus filiformis
Chionanthus fluminensis (Critically Endangered)
Chionanthus foveolatus (Pock Ironwood)
Chionanthus gigantifolius
Chionanthus gigas
Chionanthus globosus
Chionanthus glomeratus
Chionanthus grandifolius
Chionanthus greenii
Chionanthus guangxiensis
Chionanthus guianensis
Chionanthus hahlii
Chionanthus hainanensis
Chionanthus havilandii
Chionanthus henryae
Chionanthus henryanus
Chionanthus holdridgii (hueso prieto) (Attributes)
Chionanthus implicatus
Chionanthus incurvifolius
Chionanthus insularis
Chionanthus jamaicensis
Chionanthus kajewskii
Chionanthus kinabaluensis
Chionanthus lancifolius
Chionanthus leopoldii
Chionanthus ligustrinus (cabra blanca) (Attributes)
Chionanthus littoreus
Chionanthus longiflorus
Chionanthus longipetalus
Chionanthus lucens
Chionanthus luzonicus
Chionanthus macrobotrys
Chionanthus macrocarpus
Chionanthus macrothyrsus
Chionanthus mala-elengi
Chionanthus mannii
Chionanthus maxwellii
Chionanthus micranthus
Chionanthus microbotrys
Chionanthus microstigma
Chionanthus mildbraedii
Chionanthus minutiflorus
Chionanthus montanus
Chionanthus niloticus
Chionanthus nitens
Chionanthus nitidus
Chionanthus oblanceolatus
Chionanthus oblongifolius
Chionanthus obtusifolius
Chionanthus oliganthus
Chionanthus pachyphyllus
Chionanthus palustris
Chionanthus panamensis
Chionanthus parkinsonii
Chionanthus pedunculatus
Chionanthus peglerae
Chionanthus plurifloroides
Chionanthus pluriflorus
Chionanthus polycephalus
Chionanthus polygamus
Chionanthus porcatus
Chionanthus proctorii (Critically Endangered)
Chionanthus pubescens
Chionanthus pubicalyx
Chionanthus purpureus
Chionanthus pygmaeus (pygmy fringe tree) (Attributes)
Chionanthus quadristamineus
Chionanthus ramiflora
Chionanthus ramiflorus
Chionanthus remotinervius
Chionanthus retusus (Chinese Fringetree)
Chionanthus richardsiae
Chionanthus riparius
Chionanthus rostratus
Chionanthus rugosus
Chionanthus rupicola
Chionanthus sabahensis
Chionanthus salicifolius
Chionanthus sessiliflorus
Chionanthus sleumeri
Chionanthus spicatus
Chionanthus spiciferus
Chionanthus stenurus
Chionanthus subsessilis (Critically Endangered)
Chionanthus sumatranus
Chionanthus sutepensis
Chionanthus tenuis (Critically Endangered)
Chionanthus thorelii
Chionanthus timorensis
Chionanthus trichotomus
Chionanthus tropophyllus
Chionanthus urbanii
Chionanthus velutinus
Chionanthus verruculatus
Chionanthus verticillatus
Chionanthus virginicus (fringetree) (Attributes)
Chionanthus vitiensis
Chionanthus wurdackii
Chionanthus zeylanicus
Chionanthus zollingerianus


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