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Triphasia (triphasia)

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Triphasia is a small genus of three species in the family Rutaceae, related to Citrus. The genus is native to southeastern Asia and New Guinea.They are evergreen shrubs growing to 1-3 m tall, with trifoliate leaves. The flowers are fragrant, white, with three to five petals. The fruit is an edible red hesperidium similar to a small Citrus fruit.SpeciesTriphasia brassii (C.T.White) Swingle – New GuineaTriphasia grandifolia Merr. – PhilippinesTriphasia trifolia (Burm.f.) P.Wils.
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Triphasia brassii
Triphasia grandifolia (Unifoliate limeberry)
Triphasia trifolia (lime berry) (Invasive) (Attributes)


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