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Oxylobium (Shaggy Pea)

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Oxylobium, also known as Shaggy Pea, is a genus of flowering plants in the family Fabaceae . The genus is native to Australia. Species include: Oxylobium aciculiferum (F. Muell. ) Benth. Oxylobium alpestre F. Muell. syn. Podolobium alpestre (F. Muell. ) Crisp & P.H. Weston - Alpine Shaggy Pea Oxylobium arborescens R. Br. - Tall Shaggy Pea Oxylobium carinatum (Meissner) Benth. Oxylobium cordifolium Andrews Oxylobium ellipticum (Vent. ) R. Br.
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