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Lithobates catesbeianus (American Bullfrog)

Synonyms: Rana catesbeiana

Wikipedia Abstract

The American bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus or Rana catesbeiana), often simply known as the bullfrog in Canada and the United States, is an amphibious frog, a member of the family Ranidae, or “true frogs”. This frog has an olive green back and sides blotched with brownish markings and a whitish belly spotted with yellow or grey. The upper lip is often bright green and males have yellow throats. It inhabits large, permanent water bodies, such as swamps, ponds, and lakes, where it is usually found along the water's edge. The male bullfrog defends a territory during the breeding season. His call is reminiscent of the roar of a bull, which gives the frog its common name. This frog is native to southern and eastern parts of the United States and Canada, but has been widely introduced across
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EDGE Analysis

Uniqueness Scale: Similiar (0) 
 Unique (100)
Uniqueness & Vulnerability Scale: Similiar & Secure (0) 
 Unique & Vulnerable (100)
ED Score: 8.58
EDGE Score: 2.26


Adult Weight [2]  54 grams
Female Maturity [2]  3 years 6 months
Male Maturity [2]  2 years
Diet [1]  Omnivore
Gestation [2]  4 days
Hibernates [1]  Yes
Litter Size [3]  16,750
Litters / Year [3]  1
Maximum Longevity [2]  16 years
Nocturnal [1]  Yes
Snout to Vent Length [3]  8 inches (20.3 cm)
Water Biome [1]  Lakes and Ponds, Rivers and Streams


Name Countries Ecozone Biome Species Report Climate Land
Allegheny Highlands forests United States Nearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Appalachian mixed mesophytic forests United States Nearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Appalachian-Blue Ridge forests United States Nearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Cauca Valley dry forests Colombia Neotropic Tropical and Subtropical Dry Broadleaf Forests
Central and Southern mixed grasslands United States Nearctic Temperate Grasslands, Savannas, and Shrublands
Central forest-grasslands transition United States Nearctic Temperate Grasslands, Savannas, and Shrublands
Central U.S. hardwood forests United States Nearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Chihuahuan desert Mexico, United States Nearctic Deserts and Xeric Shrublands
Colorado Plateau shrublands United States Nearctic Deserts and Xeric Shrublands
East Central Texas forests United States Nearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Eastern forest-boreal transition Canada, United States Nearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Eastern Great Lakes lowland forests Canada, United States Nearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Edwards Plateau savanna United States Nearctic Temperate Grasslands, Savannas, and Shrublands
Greater Negros-Panay rain forests Philippines Indo-Malayan Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forests
Gulf of St. Lawrence lowland forests Canada Nearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Honshu alpine conifer forests Japan Palearctic Temperate Coniferous Forests  
Luzon rain forests Philippines Indo-Malayan Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forests
Middle Atlantic coastal forests United States Nearctic Temperate Coniferous Forests
Mindanao-Eastern Visayas rain forests Philippines Indo-Malayan Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forests
Mindoro rain forests Philippines Indo-Malayan Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forests
Mississippi lowland forests United States Nearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Nansei Islands subtropical evergreen forests Japan Indo-Malayan Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forests    
Nebraska Sand Hills mixed grasslands United States Nearctic Temperate Grasslands, Savannas, and Shrublands
New England-Acadian forests Canada, United States Nearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Nihonkai evergreen forests Japan Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests    
Nihonkai montane deciduous forests Japan Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests  
Northeastern coastal forests United States Nearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Ozark Mountain forests United States Nearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Piney Woods forests United States Nearctic Temperate Coniferous Forests
South Taiwan monsoon rain forests Taiwan Indo-Malayan Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forests
Southeastern mixed forests United States Nearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Southern Great Lakes forests Canada, United States Nearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Taiheiyo evergreen forests Japan Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Taiheiyo montane deciduous forests Japan Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Taiwan subtropical evergreen forests Taiwan Indo-Malayan Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forests
Tamaulipan mezquital Mexico, United States Nearctic Deserts and Xeric Shrublands
Upper Midwest forest-savanna transition United States Nearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Veracruz moist forests Mexico Neotropic Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forests
Western Great Lakes forests Canada, United States Nearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Western short grasslands United States Nearctic Temperate Grasslands, Savannas, and Shrublands
Yunnan Plateau subtropical evergreen forests China Palearctic Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forests

Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Acadia National Park II 35996 Maine, United States
Algonquin Provincial Park IV 1868802 Ontario, Canada
Antietam National Battlefield III 3263 Maryland, United States
Apostle Islands National Lakeshore II 36006 Wisconsin, United States
Bandelier National Monument V 8107 New Mexico, United States
Big Thicket Biosphere Reserve National Park II 616880 Texas, United States
Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge VI 19192 Maryland, United States
Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge VI 16363 Delaware, United States
Buenavista Wetland Reserve 778949 Cuba    
California Coast Ranges Biosphere Reserve 153447 California, United States  
Calvin College Ecosystem Preserve 90 Michigan, United States
Canyonlands National Park II 335430 Utah, United States
Cape Cod National Seashore II 21724 Massachusetts, United States
Carlsbad Caverns National Park II 15448 New Mexico, United States
Carolinian-South Atlantic Biosphere Reserve 310228 North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, United States      
Catoctin Mountain Park National Park II 5994 Maryland, United States
Central Gulf Coastal Plain Biosphere Reserve 40530 United States  
Central Plains Biosphere Reserve 15345 United States  
Champlain-Adirondack Biosphere Reserve 9859505 New York, Vermont, United States  
Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area V 7622 Georgia, United States
Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Hist. Park National Historical Park V 19586 Maryland, District of Columbia, United States
Chickasaw National Recreation Area V 7025 Oklahoma, United States
Ciénaga de Zapata National Park 1606900 Cuba  
Colonial National Historic Park National Historical Park V 9316 Virginia, United States
Colorado National Monument III 20420 Colorado, United States
Congaree Swamp National Park II 6095 South Carolina, United States
Coronado National Monument National Memorial III 4360 Arizona, United States
Curecanti National Recreation Area V 31032 Colorado, United States
Cuyahoga Valley National Park II 24907 Ohio, United States
De Soto National Wildlife Refuge IV 8007 Iowa, Nebraska, United States
Death Valley National Park II 762125 California, Nevada, United States
Dye Creek Preserve Nature Conservancy - Preserve Ia 38152 California, United States  
Edwin S. George Reserve 1297 Michigan, United States
Elkhorn Slough Preserve Nature Conservancy - Preserve Ia 964 California, United States  
Fairfield Osborn Preserve Nature Conservancy - Preserve Ia 190 California, United States
Fort Necessity National Battlefield III 1019 Pennsylvania, United States
Fundy National Park II 52716 New Brunswick, Canada
George Washington Birthplace National Monument V 435 Virginia, United States
Golden Gate National Recreation Area V 26135 California, United States
Great Smoky Mountains National Park II 515454 North Carolina, Tennessee, United States
Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge VI 3161 New Jersey, United States
Guilford Courthouse National Military Park V 216 North Carolina, United States
Harpers Ferry National Historical Park VI 715 West Virginia, United States
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park 177278 Hawaii, United States
Hawaiian Islands Biosphere Reserve 245981 Hawaii, United States  
Homestead National Monument of America V 850 Nebraska, United States
Horseshoe Bend National Military Park V 1926 Alabama, United States
Hot Springs National Park II 5740 Arkansas, United States
Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore II 8272 Indiana, United States
Jean Lafitte National Hist. Park & Preserve National Historical Park II 17686 Louisiana, United States
Kalaupapa National Historic Site V 9746 Hawaii, United States  
Kejimkujik National Park II 94203 Nova Scotia, Canada
Konza Prairie Biosphere Reserve 8617 Kansas, United States  
Kouchibouguac National Park II 59161 New Brunswick, Canada
La Mauricie National Park II 131706 Quebec, Canada
Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area V 103172 Washington, United States
Lake Superior Provincial Park IV 351011 Ontario, Canada
Land Between the Lakes Biosphere Reserve V 166264 Kentucky, Tennessee, United States
Lassen Volcanic National Park II 29388 California, United States
Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial III 96 Indiana, United States
Little River National Wildlife Refuge   Oklahoma, United States
Long Point Biosphere Reserve 100325 Ontario, Canada  
Mammoth Cave Area Biosphere Reserve (Natn'l Park) National Park II 51235 Kentucky, United States
Manassas National Battlefield Park III 5132 Virginia, United States
Mojave and Colorado Deserts Biosphere Reserve 5901 California, United States  
Montezuma Castle National Monument V 872 Arizona, United States
Moores Creek National Battlefield III 100 North Carolina, United States
Morristown National Historical Park VI 1677 New Jersey, United States
New River Gorge National River National River and Wild and Scenic Riverway V 55591 West Virginia, United States
Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve 470167 Ontario, Canada  
Nipomo Dunes Preserve Nature Conservancy - Preserve Ia 3725 California, United States
Ocmulgee National Monument V 693 Georgia, United States
Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge IV 38256 Florida, United States
Olympic Biosphere Reserve II 922805 Washington, United States
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore II 67888 Michigan, United States
Pixley Vernal Pools Preserve 37 California, United States
Pong Lake Sanctuary IV 61391 Himachal Pradesh, India  
Prince William Forest Park 19378 District of Columbia, United States
Redwood National Park II 77867 California, United States
Reserva de la Biosfera El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve VI 6176727 Mexico  
Rondeau Provincial Park II 5035 Ontario, Canada
Saguaro National Park II 11686 Arizona, United States
Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site III 139 New Hampshire, United States
San Francisco Peninsular Watershed County Wildlife Refuge or Management Area 30320 California, United States  
San Joaquin Biosphere Reserve 4527 California, United States  
Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area V 38440 California, United States
Santee Coastal Reserve and Washo Reserve State Habitat Area IV 20850 South Carolina, United States  
Sequoia and Kings Canyon Biosphere Reserve II 172261 California, United States
Sevilleta LTER Site Long Term Ecological Research IV 228335 New Mexico, United States
Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore II 62563 Michigan, United States
Southern Appalachian Biosphere Reserve 37548505 North Carolina, Tennessee, United States  
Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve 3821173 Canada  
Tuabaquey - Limones Ecological Reserve II 4859 Cuba  
Upper Miss. River Nat'l Wildlife Refuge National Wildlife Refuge VI 25823 Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, United States
Valley Forge National Historical Park VI 3509 Pennsylvania, United States
Vina Plains Preserve Nature Conservancy - Preserve Ia 2056 California, United States
Virginia Coast Biosphere Reserve 33386 Virginia, United States  
Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge IV 26618 Alabama, United States
Whiskey-Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area V 197791 California, United States
Yosemite National Park II 95209 California, United States


Emblem of


Prey / Diet

Ambystoma maculatum (Spotted Salamander)[4]
Anas fulvigula (Mottled Duck)[5]
Anax junius (green darner)[4]
Anaxyrus californicus (Arroyo Toad)[6]
Anaxyrus fowleri (Fowler's Toad)[6]
Anaxyrus nelsoni (Amargosa Toad)[6]
Apis mellifera (honey bee)[4]
Aquarius remigis (Common water strider)[4]
Bombus fervidus (Golden northern bumble bee)[4]
Bombycilla cedrorum (Cedar Waxwing)[5]
Chelydra serpentina (Common Snapping Turtle)[5]
Corydalus cornutus (dobsonfly)[4]
Daphnia ambigua (Water flea)[4]
Diadophis punctatus (Ringneck Snake)[5]
Dolichovespula maculata (baldfaced hornet)[4]
Dolomedes triton (Six-spottedfishingspider)[4]
Gambusia holbrooki (Bore-drain fish)[4]
Gryllus pennsylvanicus (fall field cricket)[4]
Hyalella azteca (Scud)[4]
Libellula lydia (Common whitetail)[4]
Limnodrilus hoffmeisteri (Aquatic worm)[4]
Lithobates catesbeianus (American Bullfrog)[6]
Lithobates sphenocephalus sphenocephalus (Florida Leopard Frog)[4]
Lithobates sylvaticus (Wood Frog)[4]
Notemigonus crysoleucas (Golden shiner minnow)[4]
Parascalops breweri (Hairy-tailed Mole)[5]
Pseudacris crucifer (Spring Peeper)[4]
Pseudacris triseriata (Western Chorus Frog)[6]
Rana aurora (Northern Red-legged Frog)[6]
Rana boylii (Foothill Yellow-legged Frog)[6]
Semotilus atromaculatus (Horned dace)[4]
Sphecius speciosus (cicada killer)[4]
Tenodera aridifolia (Chinese mantid)[4]
Thamnophis sirtalis (Common Garter Snake)[4]

Prey / Diet Overlap

Competing SpeciesCommon Prey Count
Agelaius phoeniceus (Red-winged Blackbird)4
Agkistrodon contortrix (Southern Copperhead)1
Aix sponsa (Wood Duck)2
Alauda arvensis (Sky Lark)1
Ambystoma maculatum (Spotted Salamander)3
Ameiurus melas (Black bullhead)1
Ameiurus natalis (Yellow bullhead)5
Anas platyrhynchos (Mallard)6
Anaxyrus americanus americanus (Eastern American Toad)6
Anguilla rostrata (American eel)3
Anthus trivialis (Tree Pipit)1
Apus apus (Common Swift)1
Apus melba (Alpine swift)1
Archilochus colubris (Ruby-throated Hummingbird)2
Archoplites interruptus (Sacramento perch)1
Ardea herodias (Great Blue Heron)6
Aythya affinis (Lesser Scaup)1
Buteo jamaicensis (Red-tailed Hawk)3
Cardinalis cardinalis (Northern Cardinal)1
Charadrius vociferus (Killdeer)3
Chelydra serpentina (Common Snapping Turtle)6
Colinus virginianus (Northern Bobwhite)2
Corvus brachyrhynchos (American Crow)3
Corvus corone (Carrion Crow)1
Cryptotis parva (North American Least Shrew)5
Cyanocitta cristata (Blue Jay)4
Cyprinus carpio (Common carp)3
Didelphis virginiana (Virginia Opossum)2
Dolomedes triton (Six-spottedfishingspider)1
Eptesicus fuscus (big brown bat)5
Erithacus rubecula (European Robin)1
Etheostoma olmstedi (Tessellated darter)4
Eurycea guttolineata (Three-lined Salamander)5
Gambusia holbrooki (Bore-drain fish)4
Geothlypis trichas (Common Yellowthroat)3
Heterodon platirhinos (Eastern Hognose Snake)1
Hypentelium nigricans (Northern hog sucker)4
Ictalurus punctatus (Channel catfish)8
Larus delawarensis (Ring-billed Gull)2
Lithobates sphenocephalus sphenocephalus (Florida Leopard Frog)6
Lithobates sylvaticus (Wood Frog)4
Megaceryle alcyon (Belted Kingfisher)5
Meleagris gallopavo (Wild Turkey)2
Mephitis mephitis (Striped Skunk)3
Micropterus salmoides (Northern largemouth bass)11
Mimus polyglottos (Northern Mockingbird)3
Molothrus ater (Brown-headed Cowbird)2
Myiarchus crinitus (Great Crested Flycatcher)5
Nerodia sipedon (Northern Water Snake)3
Notemigonus crysoleucas (Golden shiner minnow)5
Notophthalmus viridescens (Eastern Newt)6
Nucifraga caryocatactes (Spotted Nutcracker)1
Perca flavescens (Yellow perch)1
Phalacrocorax auritus (Double-crested Cormorant)3
Phoenicurus ochruros (Black Redstart)1
Plestiodon fasciatus (Five-lined Skink)3
Plethodon cinereus (Eastern Red-backed Salamander)1
Poecile carolinensis (Carolina Chickadee)1
Pomoxis nigromaculatus (Strawberry bass)9
Procambarus clarkii (red swamp crawfish)1
Procyon lotor (Raccoon)4
Pseudacris crucifer (Spring Peeper)3
Quiscalus quiscula (Common Grackle)1
Rattus norvegicus (Norway rat)2
Scalopus aquaticus (Eastern Mole)3
Sciurus carolinensis (eastern gray squirrel)2
Semotilus atromaculatus (Horned dace)7
Sialia sialis (Eastern Bluebird)1
Strix varia (Barred Owl)3
Sturnus vulgaris (European Starling)3
Sylvia curruca (Lesser Whitethroat)1
Tamias striatus (eastern chipmunk)1
Terrapene carolina (Florida Box Turtle)1
Thamnophis sirtalis (Common Garter Snake)3
Thryothorus ludovicianus (Carolina Wren)3
Turdus migratorius (American Robin)3
Vulpes vulpes (Red Fox)2
Zenaida macroura (Mourning Dove)1


Agkistrodon contortrix (Southern Copperhead)[4]
Anas platyrhynchos (Mallard)[4]
Anax junius (green darner)[4]
Ardea herodias (Great Blue Heron)[4]
Atelerix albiventris (Four-toed Hedgehog)[6]
Botaurus lentiginosus (American Bittern)[5]
Buteo jamaicensis (Red-tailed Hawk)[4]
Buteo platypterus (Broad-winged Hawk)[5]
Buteogallus anthracinus (Common Black-Hawk)[5]
Chelydra serpentina (Common Snapping Turtle)[4]
Corydalus cornutus (dobsonfly)[4]
Didelphis virginiana (Virginia Opossum)[4]
Haliaeetus leucocephalus (Bald Eagle)[6]
Hemiechinus auritus (Long-eared Hedgehog)[6]
Ictalurus punctatus (Channel catfish)[4]
Ictinia mississippiensis (Mississippi Kite)[5]
Larus delawarensis (Ring-billed Gull)[4]
Lithobates catesbeianus (American Bullfrog)[6]
Macrobdella decora (Freshwater leech)[4]
Micropterus salmoides (Northern largemouth bass)[4]
Nerodia sipedon (Northern Water Snake)[7]
Notophthalmus viridescens (Eastern Newt)[4]
Ondatra zibethicus (muskrat)[4]
Phalacrocorax auritus (Double-crested Cormorant)[4]
Pomoxis nigromaculatus (Strawberry bass)[4]
Procyon lotor (Raccoon)[4]
Strix varia (Barred Owl)[4]
Thamnodynastes strigatus (Coastal House Snake)[6]
Thamnophis sirtalis (Common Garter Snake)[7]


Carex stricta (upright sedge)[4]
Cephalanthus tetrandra (Buttonbush)[4]
Hibiscus moscheutos (crimsoneyed rosemallow)[4]
Hydrilla verticillata (waterthyme)[4]
Impatiens capensis (jewelweed)[4]
Lemna minor (common duckweed)[4]
Peltandra virginica (green arrow arum)[4]
Phragmites australis (common reed)[4]
Pontederia cordata (Pickerel Weed)[4]
Saururus cernuus (lizard's tail)[4]
Scirpus cyperinus (Woolly Grass Bulrush)[4]
Toxicodendron radicans (poison ivy)[4]
Typha latifolia (Reedmace)[4]
Utricularia macrorhiza (greater bladderwort)[4]


Parasitized by 
Agamascaris odontocephala <Unverified Name>[8]
Alaria marcianae <Unverified Name>[8]
Alaria mesocercaria <Unverified Name>[8]
Brachycoelium louisianae <Unverified Name>[8]
Centrorhynchus cystacanth <Unverified Name>[8]
Clinostomum attenuatum <Unverified Name>[8]
Clinostomum metacercaria <Unverified Name>[8]
Cosmocercoides dukae <Unverified Name>[8]
Cosmocercoides variabilis <Unverified Name>[8]
Cylindrotaenia americana <Unverified Name>[8]
Cystagora tetracystis <Unverified Name>[8]
Dioctophyme renale[8]
Echinostoma hortense <Unverified Name>[8]
Echinostoma trivolvis <Unverified Name>[8]
Eustrongylides wenrichi <Unverified Name>[8]
Falcaustra catesbeianae <Unverified Name>[8]
Falcaustra inglisi <Unverified Name>[8]
Fessisentis friedi[8]
Filaria quadrituberculata <Unverified Name>[8]
Foleyellides americana <Unverified Name>[8]
Foleyellides flexicauda <Unverified Name>[8]
Foleyellides ranae <Unverified Name>[8]
Glypthelmins linguatula <Unverified Name>[8]
Glypthelmins pennsylvaniensis <Unverified Name>[8]
Glypthelmins proxima <Unverified Name>[8]
Glypthelmins quieta <Unverified Name>[8]
Glypthelmins subtropica <Unverified Name>[8]
Gnathostoma nipponicum <Unverified Name>[8]
Gorgodera circava <Unverified Name>[8]
Gorgodera cygnoides <Unverified Name>[8]
Gorgodera minima <Unverified Name>[8]
Gorgodera vivata <Unverified Name>[8]
Gorgoderina bilobata <Unverified Name>[8]
Gorgoderina simplex <Unverified Name>[8]
Gyrinicola batrachiensis <Unverified Name>[8]
Gyrodactylus catesbeianae[8]
Haematoloechus buttensis <Unverified Name>[8]
Haematoloechus floedae <Unverified Name>[8]
Haematoloechus lobatus <Unverified Name>[8]
Haematoloechus medioplexus <Unverified Name>[8]
Haematoloechus variegatus <Unverified Name>[8]
Haematoloechus varioplexus <Unverified Name>[8]
Halipegus occidualis[8]
Halipegus ovocaudatus[8]
Hedruris pendula <Unverified Name>[8]
Hedruris siredonis <Unverified Name>[8]
Levinseniella ophidea <Unverified Name>[8]
Longibucca catesbeianae <Unverified Name>[8]
Loxogenes provitellaria <Unverified Name>[8]
Loxogenoides loborchis <Unverified Name>[8]
Megalodiscus americanus <Unverified Name>[8]
Megalodiscus ferrissianus <Unverified Name>[8]
Megalodiscus intermedius <Unverified Name>[8]
Neoechinorhynchus rutili[8]
Ophiotaenia gracilis <Unverified Name>[8]
Ophiotaenia magna <Unverified Name>[8]
Ophiotaenia saphenus <Unverified Name>[8]
Ophioxenos microphagus <Unverified Name>[8]
Ophioxenos singularis <Unverified Name>[8]
Oswaldocruzia pipiens <Unverified Name>[8]
Oxysomatium americana <Unverified Name>[8]
Oxysomatium longicauda <Unverified Name>[8]
Oxysomatium longicaudata <Unverified Name>[8]
Oxysomatium variabilis <Unverified Name>[8]
Physaloptera ranae <Unverified Name>[8]
Proteocephalus saphena <Unverified Name>[8]
Proterometra albacauda <Unverified Name>[8]
Pseudopisthodiscus sinicus <Unverified Name>[8]
Rhabdias ranae <Unverified Name>[8]
Spinitectus gracilis <Unverified Name>[8]
Spirometra mansonoides[8]
Spiroxys contorta <Unverified Name>[8]
Strongyluris ranae <Unverified Name>[8]
Teloporia aspidonectes[8]

Institutions (Zoos, etc.)

Institution Infraspecies / Breed 
Audubon Zoo
Binder Park Zoo
Blank Park Zoo of Des Moines
Bramble Park Zoo
BREC's Baton Rouge Zoo
Budapest Zool.& Botanical Garden
Buttonwood Park Zoo
Caldwell Zoo
Cameron Park Zoo
Central Florida Zoological Park
Central Park Zoo
Chahinkapa Zoo
Cheyenne Mtn Zoological Park
Chicago Zoological Park
Clyde Peeling's Reptiland
Cosley Zoo
Dallas Zoo
Detroit Zoological Society
Dusit (Bangkok) Zoological Park
ECHO Lake Aquarium & Science Center
Florida Aquarium
Great Plains Zoo
Guadalajara Zoo
Houston Zoo, Inc.
Hutchinson Zoo
John Ball Zoological Garden
John G. Shedd Aquarium
Memphis Zoological Garden & Aquarium
Montgomery Zoo
Museum of Science - Live Animal Center
Nashville Zoo at Grassmere
Nat'l Mississippi River Museum & Aquar
Newport Aquarium
Niabi Zoo
Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo
Oregon Zoo
Organization for Bat Conservation
Phoenix Zoo
Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium
Saint Louis Zoological Park
San Antonio Zoological Gardens & Aquar
Santa Fe CollegeTeaching Zoo
St. Augustine Alligator Farm
Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo
Tilgate Nature Centre
Toledo Zoological Gardens
Ueno Zoological Gardens
Valley Zoo & John Janzen Nature Center
Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Ctr
Virginia Aquarium&Marine Science Ctr
Virginia Living Museum
Virginia Zoological Park
Western North Carolina Nature Center
Wildwood Trust
Zoo Atlanta
Zoo of Acadiana
Zoo Sauvage de St-Félicien
ZooAmerica (No. American Wildlife Pk.)

Range Map

New Jersey Pinelands Biosphere Reserve; North America;



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