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Bactericera cockerelli (potato psyllid)

Synonyms: Bactericera cockerelli; Bactericerca cockerelli; Paratrioza cockerelli; Trioza cockerelli

Wikipedia Abstract

Bactericera cockerelli, also known as the potato psyllid, is a species of psyllid native to southern North America. Its range extends from Central America north to the American Pacific Northwest and parts of Manitoba. It is restricted to the western part of the continent. As its name suggests, it is commonly found on potato and tomato crops, but has a species range that encompasses over 40 species of solanaceous plants and as many as 20 genera.
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Prey / Diet

Capsicum annuum (cayenne pepper)[1]
Capsicum frutescens (Wild pepper)[1]
Datura stramonium (moonflower)[1]
Ipomoea batatas ('uala)[1]
Nicandra physalodes (apple of Peru)[1]
Physalis peruviana (Peruvian groundcherry)[1]
Solanum aviculare (Kangaroo Apple)[1]
Solanum betaceum (tree tomato)[1]
Solanum laciniatum (Kangaroo Apple)[1]
Solanum lycopersicum (Currant Tomato)[1]
Solanum melongena (Baingun cultivated eggplnat)[1]
Solanum pseudocapsicum (madeira winter cherry)[1]



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