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Scambus brevicornis

Synonyms: Scambus altalpium; Scambus ameformis; Scambus anomalus; Scambus balearicus; Scambus bicoloripes; Scambus concolor; Scambus euphrantae; Scambus fumosus; Scambus infestus; Scambus nigriscaposus; Scambus pratensis; Scambus punctiventris; Scambus puniceus; Scambus ribesii; Scambus terrestris; Scambus tibialis


Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Dee Estuary/ Aber Dyfrdwy 39057 England/Wales, United Kingdom
Fenland 1529 England, United Kingdom


Prey / Diet

Ancylis achatana[1]
Camptogramma bilineata <Unverified Name>[1]
Coleophora striatipennella[1]
Neofaculta ericetella[1]
Pieris rapae (imported cabbageworm)[1]
Rheumaptera hastata[1]

Prey / Diet Overlap

Competing SpeciesCommon Prey Count
Apechthis compunctor1
Apophua bipunctoria1
Campoplex molestus1
Heterotoma planicornis1
Itoplectis alternans3
Itoplectis maculator3
Metellina segmentata (Common Orb Weaver)1
Ophion obscuratus1
Phryxe nemea1
Phryxe vulgaris1
Picromerus bidens (Spined Stink Bug )1
Pimpla rufipes (Black Slip Wasp)1
Pimpla turionellae1
Scambus nigricans1
Trixa conspersa1
Virgichneumon albilineatus1
Xanthandrus comtus1
Zicrona caerulea (Blue Shield Bug)1


Parasite of 
Rheumaptera hastata (spear-marked black)[1]




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