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Notomithrax ursus

Synonyms: Cancer ursus; Paramithrax cristatus; Paramithrax latreillei paramithrax

Wikipedia Abstract

Scyllarus arctus is a species of slipper lobster which lives in the Mediterranean Sea and eastern Atlantic Ocean. It is uncommon in British and Irish waters, but a number of English-language vernacular names have been applied, including small European locust lobster, lesser slipper lobster and broad lobster.
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Prey / Diet

Acanthochitona zelandica[1]
Acanthoclinus littoreus (Rockfish)[1]
Aulacomya maoriana[1]
Australostichopus mollis (brown sea cucumber)[1]
Bellapiscis medius (Twister)[1]
Buccinulum linea[1]
Cellana radians (golden limpet)[1]
Cyclograpsus lavauxi (smooth shore crab)[1]
Eatoniella olivacea[1]
Elamena producta[1]
Euidotea stricta[1]
Exosphaeroma chilensis[1]
Exosphaeroma obtusum[1]
Halicarcinus cookii[1]
Halicarcinus innominatus[1]
Halicarcinus varius[1]
Haliotis iris (paua)[1]
Hemigrapsus sexdentatus (common rock crab)[1]
Hymenosoma depressum[1]
Ischnochiton maorianus[1]
Ischyromene hirsuta[1]
Isocladus armatus[1]
Isocladus calcareus[1]
Jasus edwardsii (Southern rock lobster)[1]
Nereis falcaria[1]
Nihotunga noa[1]
Notomithrax peronii[1]
Notomithrax ursus[1]
Ophionereis fasciata (Mottled sand star)[1]
Ophiopteris papillosa (Brittlestar)[1]
Perinereis amblyodonta[1]
Perinereis nuntia[1]
Philanisus plebeius[1]
Pilumnus lumpinus[1]
Scutus breviculus (shield shell)[1]


Latridopsis forsteri (White bastard trumpeter)[2]
Notomithrax ursus[1]


New Zealand(Native);



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