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Pteronia is a genus of flowering plant in the aster tribe within the sunflower family. It contains the following species: \n* Pteronia acuminata \n* Pteronia acuta \n* Pteronia adenocarpa \n* Pteronia ambrariifolia \n* Pteronia anisata \n* Pteronia aspalatha \n* Pteronia beckeoides \n* Pteronia bolusii \n* Pteronia callosa \n* Pteronia camphorata \n* Pteronia centauroides \n* Pteronia ciliata \n* Pteronia cinerea \n* Pteronia cylindracea \n* Pteronia diosmifolia \n* Pteronia divaricata \n* Pteronia eenii \n* Pteronia elata \n* Pteronia elongata \n* Pteronia empetrifolia \n* Pteronia erythrochaeta \n* Pteronia fasciculata \n* Pteronia fastigiata \n* Pteronia flexicaulis \n* Pteronia foleyi \n* Pteronia glabrata \n* Pteronia glauca \n* Pteronia glaucescens \n* Pteronia glomerata \n* Pteronia gymnocline \n* Pteronia hetero
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