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Aetheolaena is a genus of flowering plant in the aster family, Asteraceae. Species include: \n* Aetheolaena caldasensis \n* Aetheolaena cuencana \n* Aetheolaena decipiens \n* Aetheolaena heterophylla \n* Aetheolaena hypoleuca \n* Aetheolaena involucrata \n* Aetheolaena ledifolia \n* Aetheolaena lingulata \n* Aetheolaena mochensis \n* Aetheolaena mojandensis \n* Aetheolaena otophora \n* Aetheolaena patens \n* Aetheolaena pichinchensis \n* Aetheolaena rosana \n* Aetheolaena subinvolucrata
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