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Allium (onion)

Wikipedia Abstract

The onion genus Allium comprises monocotyledonous flowering plants and includes the onion, garlic, chives, scallion, shallot, and the leek as well as hundreds of wild species.The generic name Allium is the Latin word for garlic; Linnaeus used allium specifically. Some sources may refer to Greek αλεω (to avoid) by reason of the smell of garlic. The almost universal eating and cooking of parts of the plants owes to the large variety of flavours and textures of the species.
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Allium aaseae (South Idaho onion) (Attributes)
Allium abbasii (Attributes)
Allium abramsii (Abrams' allium) (Attributes)
Allium achaium
Allium acidoides (Attributes)
Allium aciphyllum (Attributes)
Allium acuminatum (tapertip onion) (Attributes)
Allium acutiflorum (Attributes)
Allium aegilicum (Attributes)
Allium aeginiense (Attributes)
Allium affine (Attributes)
Allium afghanicum (Attributes)
Allium aflatunense (Attributes)
Allium agrigentinum (Attributes)
Allium akaka (Attributes)
Allium alabasicum (Attributes)
Allium aladaghense
Allium alaicum (Attributes)
Allium alamutense
Allium albiflorum (Attributes)
Allium albotunicatum (Attributes)
Allium albovianum (Attributes)
Allium alexandrae (Attributes)
Allium alexeianum (Attributes)
Allium alibile (Attributes)
Allium alpinarii (Attributes)
Allium altaicum (Attributes)
Allium altissimum (Attributes)
Allium altoatlanticum (Attributes)
Allium altyncolicum (Attributes)
Allium amethystinum (Attributes)
Allium ampeloprasum (broadleaf wild leek) (Attributes)
Allium amphibolum (Attributes)
Allium amplectens (narrowleaf onion) (Attributes)
Allium anacoleum (Attributes)
Allium anatolicum (Attributes)
Allium anceps (twinleaf onion) (Attributes)
Allium angulosum (Mouse Garlic) (Attributes)
Allium anisopodium (Attributes)
Allium anisotepalum (Attributes)
Allium antalyense (Attributes)
Allium antiatlanticum
Allium antonii-bolosii (Attributes)
Allium anzalonei (Attributes)
Allium apolloniensis (Attributes)
Allium apulum (Attributes)
Allium archeotrichon (Attributes)
Allium arkitense (Attributes)
Allium arlgirdense (Attributes)
Allium armenum (Attributes)
Allium armerioides (Attributes)
Allium aroides (Attributes)
Allium arsuzense
Allium artemisietorum (Attributes)
Allium asarense (Attributes)
Allium ascalonicum (wild onion) (Attributes)
Allium aschersonianum (Attributes)
Allium asclepiadeum (Attributes)
Allium asirense (Attributes)
Allium asperiflorum (Attributes)
Allium assadii (Attributes)
Allium atropurpureum (Attributes)
Allium atrorubens (darkred onion) (Attributes)
Allium atrosanguineum (Attributes)
Allium atroviolaceum (broadleaf wild leek) (Attributes)
Allium aucheri (Attributes)
Allium auriculatum (Attributes)
Allium austroiranicum (Attributes)
Allium austrokyushuense (Attributes)
Allium austrosibiricum (Attributes)
Allium autumnale (Attributes)
Allium autumniflorum (Attributes)
Allium azaurenum (Attributes)
Allium aznavense (Attributes)
Allium azutavicum (Attributes)
Allium backhousianum (Attributes)
Allium baekdusanense (Attributes)
Allium baeticum (Attributes)
Allium bajtulinii (Attributes)
Allium bakhtiaricum (Attributes)
Allium balansae (Attributes)
Allium balkhanicum
Allium baluchistanicum (Attributes)
Allium barsczewskii (Attributes)
Allium barthianum (Attributes)
Allium basalticum
Allium bassitense (Attributes)
Allium baytopiorum (Baytop's Onion) (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Allium beesianum (Attributes)
Allium bekeczalicum (Attributes)
Allium bellulum (Attributes)
Allium bidentatum (Attributes)
Allium bigelovii
Allium birkinshawii (Attributes)
Allium bisceptrum (twincrest onion) (Attributes)
Allium bisotunense (Attributes)
Allium blandum (Attributes)
Allium blomfieldianum (Attributes)
Allium boissieri (Attributes)
Allium bolanderi (Bolander's onion) (Attributes)
Allium bornmuelleri (Attributes)
Allium borszczowii (Attributes)
Allium botschantzevii (Attributes)
Allium bourgeaui (Attributes)
Allium brachyodon (Attributes)
Allium brachyscapum (Attributes)
Allium brachyspathum (Attributes)
Allium bracteolatum (Attributes)
Allium brandegeei (Brandegee's onion) (Attributes)
Allium brevicaule (Attributes)
Allium brevidens (Attributes)
Allium brevidentatum (Attributes)
Allium brevidentiforme (Attributes)
Allium brevipes (Attributes)
Allium breviradium (Attributes)
Allium breviscapum (Attributes)
Allium brevistylum (shortstyle onion) (Attributes)
Allium brulloi (Attributes)
Allium brussalisii (Attributes)
Allium bucharicum (Attributes)
Allium bungei (Attributes)
Allium burjaticum (Attributes)
Allium burlewii (Burlew's onion) (Attributes)
Allium caeruleum (Attributes)
Allium caesioides (Attributes)
Allium caesium (Attributes)
Allium caespitosum (Attributes)
Allium calabrum (Attributes)
Allium calamarophilon (Attributes)
Allium callidyction (Attributes)
Allium callimischon (Attributes)
Allium calocephalum (Attributes)
Allium calyptratum (Attributes)
Allium campanulatum (dusky onion) (Attributes)
Allium canadense (meadow garlic) (Attributes)
Allium candargyi (Attributes)
Allium candolleanum (Attributes)
Allium capitellatum (Attributes)
Allium cappadocicum (Attributes)
Allium caput-medusae (Attributes)
Allium cardiostemon (Attributes)
Allium carinatum (Keeled Garlic) (Attributes)
Allium carmeli (Attributes)
Allium caroli-henrici (Attributes)
Allium carolinianum (Attributes)
Allium caspium (Attributes)
Allium cassium (Attributes)
Allium castellanense (Attributes)
Allium cathodicarpum (Attributes)
Allium cepa (garden onion) (Attributes)
Allium cernuum (nodding onion) (Attributes)
Allium chalcophengos (Attributes)
Allium chalkii (Attributes)
Allium chamaemoly (Attributes)
Allium chamaespathum (Attributes)
Allium chamarense (Attributes)
Allium changduense (Attributes)
Allium chelotum (Attributes)
Allium chienchuanense (Attributes)
Allium chinense (rakkyo) (Attributes)
Allium chitralicum (Attributes)
Allium chiwui (Attributes)
Allium chloranthum (Attributes)
Allium chloroneurum (Attributes)
Allium chlorotepalum
Allium chodsha-bakirganicum (Attributes)
Allium choriotepalum (Attributes)
Allium chrysantherum (Attributes)
Allium chrysanthum (Attributes)
Allium chrysocephalum (Attributes)
Allium chrysonemum (Attributes)
Allium chychkanense (Attributes)
Allium circassicum (Attributes)
Allium circinatum (Attributes)
Allium circumflexum (Attributes)
Allium cisferganense (Attributes)
Allium cithaeronis
Allium clathratum (Attributes)
Allium clausum (Attributes)
Allium clivorum (Attributes)
Allium colchicifolium (Attributes)
Allium columbianum (Columbian onion) (Attributes)
Allium commutatum (Attributes)
Allium condensatum (Attributes)
Allium confragosum (Attributes)
Allium consanguineum (Attributes)
Allium constrictum (Grand Coulee onion) (Attributes)
Allium convallarioides (Attributes)
Allium cornutum (Attributes)
Allium corsicum (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Allium coryi (yellowflower onion) (Attributes)
Allium costatovaginatum (Attributes)
Allium crameri (Attributes)
Allium cratericola (Cascade onion) (Attributes)
Allium crenulatum (Olympic onion) (Attributes)
Allium crispum (crinkled onion) (Attributes)
Allium cristophii (Persian Onion) (Attributes)
Allium croaticum (Attributes)
Allium crystallinum (Attributes)
Allium cucullatum (Attributes)
Allium cupani (Attributes)
Allium cupuliferum (Attributes)
Allium curtum (Attributes)
Allium cuthbertii (striped garlic) (Attributes)
Allium cyaneum (Attributes)
Allium cyathophorum (Attributes)
Allium cyprium (Attributes)
Allium cyrilli (Attributes)
Allium czelghauricum (Czelghaurian Onion) (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Allium daghestanicum (Attributes)
Allium damascenum (Attributes)
Allium daninianum (Attributes)
Allium darwasicum (Attributes)
Allium dasyphyllum (Attributes)
Allium decaisnei (Attributes)
Allium deciduum (Attributes)
Allium decipiens (Attributes)
Allium delicatulum (Attributes)
Allium dentigerum (Attributes)
Allium denudatum (Attributes)
Allium derderianum (Attributes)
Allium deserti-syriaci (Attributes)
Allium desertorum (Attributes)
Allium diabolense (serpentine onion) (Attributes)
Allium dichlamydeum (coastal onion) (Attributes)
Allium dictuon (Blue Mountain onion) (Attributes)
Allium dictyoprasum (Attributes)
Allium dictyoscordum (Attributes)
Allium dilatatum (Attributes)
Allium dinsmorei (Attributes)
Allium diomedeum (Attributes)
Allium dirphianum (Attributes)
Allium djimilense (Attributes)
Allium dodecadontum (Attributes)
Allium dodecanesi (Attributes)
Allium dolichomischum (Attributes)
Allium dolichostylum (Attributes)
Allium dolichovaginatum (Attributes)
Allium douglasii (Douglas' onion) (Attributes)
Allium drepanophyllum (Attributes)
Allium drobovii (Attributes)
Allium drummondii (Drummond's onion) (Attributes)
Allium drusorum (Attributes)
Allium dshungaricum
Allium dumetorum (Attributes)
Allium durangoense (Attributes)
Allium ebusitanum (Attributes)
Allium eduardi
Allium egorovae (Attributes)
Allium eivissanum (Attributes)
Allium elburzense (Attributes)
Allium eldivanense (Attributes)
Allium elegans (Attributes)
Allium elegantulum (Attributes)
Allium ellisii (Attributes)
Allium elmaliense (Attributes)
Allium elmendorfii (Elmendorf's onion) (Attributes)
Allium enginii (Attributes)
Allium erdelii (Attributes)
Allium eremoprasum (Attributes)
Allium ericetorum (Attributes)
Allium eriocoleum (Attributes)
Allium ertugrulii (Attributes)
Allium erubescens (Attributes)
Allium erythraeum (Attributes)
Allium esfandiarii (Attributes)
Allium euboicum (Attributes)
Allium eugenii (Attributes)
Allium eulae (Attributes)
Allium eurotophilum (Attributes)
Allium eusperma (Attributes)
Allium exaltatum (Attributes)
Allium exile (Attributes)
Allium falcifolium (scytheleaf onion) (Attributes)
Allium fanjingshanense (Attributes)
Allium fantasmasense (Attributes)
Allium farctum (Attributes)
Allium fasciculatum (Attributes)
Allium favosum (Attributes)
Allium fedtschenkoi (Attributes)
Allium feinbergii (Attributes)
Allium ferganicum (Attributes)
Allium fethiyense (Attributes)
Allium fetisowii (Attributes)
Allium fibriferum (Attributes)
Allium fibrillum (Cuddy Mountain onion) (Attributes)
Allium filidens (Attributes)
Allium filidentiforme (Attributes)
Allium fimbriatum (fringed onion) (Attributes)
Allium fistulosum (welsh onion) (Attributes)
Allium flavellum (Attributes)
Allium flavescens (Attributes)
Allium flavidum (Attributes)
Allium flavovirens (Attributes)
Allium flavum (Small Yellow Onion) (Attributes)
Allium flexuosum (Attributes)
Allium forrestii (Attributes)
Allium franciniae (Attributes)
Allium fraseri (Attributes)
Allium frigidum (Attributes)
Allium fritschii (Attributes)
Allium funckiifolium (Attributes)
Allium furkatii (Attributes)
Allium fuscoviolaceum (Attributes)
Allium fuscum (Attributes)
Allium galanthum (Attributes)
Allium galileum (Attributes)
Allium garbarii (Attributes)
Allium garganicum
Allium geyeri (Geyer's onion) (Attributes)
Allium giganteum (Giant Onion) (Attributes)
Allium gilgiticum (Attributes)
Allium gillii (Attributes)
Allium glaciale (Attributes)
Allium glandulosum (gland onion) (Attributes)
Allium glomeratum (Attributes)
Allium glumaceum (Attributes)
Allium goekyigitii (Attributes)
Allium goloskokovii (Attributes)
Allium gomphrenoides (Attributes)
Allium gooddingii (Goodding's onion) (Attributes)
Allium gorumsense (Attributes)
Allium goulimyi (Attributes)
Allium gracillimum (Attributes)
Allium gramineum (Attributes)
Allium grande (Attributes)
Allium graveolens
Allium greuteri (Attributes)
Allium griffithianum (Attributes)
Allium grisellum (Attributes)
Allium grosii (Attributes)
Allium guanxianense (Attributes)
Allium guatemalense (Attributes)
Allium gubanovii (Attributes)
Allium guicciardii (Attributes)
Allium gunibicum (Attributes)
Allium gusaricum (Attributes)
Allium guttatum (Attributes)
Allium gypsaceum (Attributes)
Allium gypsodictyum (Attributes)
Allium haemanthoides (Attributes)
Allium haematochiton (redskin onion) (Attributes)
Allium hamedanense (Attributes)
Allium hamrinense (Attributes)
Allium haneltii (Attributes)
Allium hedgei (Attributes)
Allium heldreichii (Attributes)
Allium helicophyllum (Attributes)
Allium hemisphaericum (Attributes)
Allium henryi (Attributes)
Allium herderianum (Attributes)
Allium hermoneum (Attributes)
Allium heteronema (Attributes)
Allium hexaceras (Attributes)
Allium hickmanii (Hickman's onion) (Attributes)
Allium hierosolymorum (Attributes)
Allium hindukuschense (Attributes)
Allium hintoniorum (Attributes)
Allium hirtovaginatum (Attributes)
Allium hirtovaginum (Attributes)
Allium hissaricum (Attributes)
Allium hoffmanii (beegum onion) (Attributes)
Allium hollandicum (Attributes)
Allium hookeri (Attributes)
Allium hooshidaryae (Attributes)
Allium horvatii (Attributes)
Allium howellii (Clokey's onion) (Attributes)
Allium huber-morathii (Attributes)
Allium humile (Attributes)
Allium huntiae (Attributes)
Allium hyalinum (glassy onion) (Attributes)
Allium hymenorhizum (Attributes)
Allium hymettium (Attributes)
Allium hypsistum (Jimbu) (Attributes)
Allium iatrouinum <Unverified Name> (Critically Endangered)
Allium ilgazense (Attributes)
Allium iliense (Attributes)
Allium inaequale (Attributes)
Allium inconspicuum (Attributes)
Allium incrustatum (Attributes)
Allium inderiense (Attributes)
Allium inops (Attributes)
Allium insubricum (Attributes)
Allium insufficiens (Attributes)
Allium integerrimum (Attributes)
Allium intradarvazicum (Attributes)
Allium inutile (Attributes)
Allium ionandrum (Attributes)
Allium ionicum (Attributes)
Allium iranicum (Attributes)
Allium isakulii (Attributes)
Allium isauricum (Attributes)
Allium israeliticum
Allium ivasczenkoae (Attributes)
Allium jacquemontii (Attributes)
Allium jaegeri
Allium jaxarticum (Attributes)
Allium jepsonii (Jepson's onion) (Attributes)
Allium jesdianum (Attributes)
Allium jodanthum (Attributes)
Allium joharchii (Attributes)
Allium jubatum (Attributes)
Allium jucundum (Attributes)
Allium juldusicola (Attributes)
Allium julianum (Attributes)
Allium junceum (Attributes)
Allium karacae (Attributes)
Allium karamanoglui (Attributes)
Allium karataviense (Attributes)
Allium karelinii (Attributes)
Allium karistanum (Attributes)
Allium karyeteini (Attributes)
Allium kaschianum (Attributes)
Allium kastambulense (Attributes)
Allium kasteki (Attributes)
Allium kazerouni (Attributes)
Allium kermesinum (Attributes)
Allium keusgenii (Attributes)
Allium kharputense (Attributes)
Allium khozratense (Attributes)
Allium kiiense
Allium kingdonii (Attributes)
Allium kirindicum (Attributes)
Allium koelzii (Attributes)
Allium koenigianum (Attributes)
Allium kokanicum (Attributes)
Allium kollmannianum (Attributes)
Allium komarowii (Attributes)
Allium kopetdagense (Attributes)
Allium koreanum (Attributes)
Allium korolkowii (Attributes)
Allium kossoricum (Attributes)
Allium kotschyi (Attributes)
Allium koyuncui (Attributes)
Allium kuhsorkhense (Attributes)
Allium kujukense (Attributes)
Allium kunthianum (Attributes)
Allium kuramense (Attributes)
Allium kurdistanicum
Allium kurssanovii (Attributes)
Allium kurtzianum (Attributes)
Allium kwakense
Allium kysylkumi (Attributes)
Allium lachnophyllum (Attributes)
Allium lacunosum (pitted onion) (Attributes)
Allium lagarophyllum (Attributes)
Allium lalesaricum (Attributes)
Allium lamondiae (Attributes)
Allium lasiophyllum (Attributes)
Allium latifolium (Attributes)
Allium ledebourianum (Attributes)
Allium lefkarense (Attributes)
Allium lehmannianum (Attributes)
Allium lehmannii (Attributes)
Allium lemmonii (Lemmon's onion) (Attributes)
Allium lenkoranicum (Attributes)
Allium leptomorphum (Attributes)
Allium leucanthum (Attributes)
Allium leucocephalum (Attributes)
Allium leucosphaerum (Attributes)
Allium libani (Attributes)
Allium lilacinum (Attributes)
Allium lineare (Attributes)
Allium linearifolium (Attributes)
Allium lipskyanum (Attributes)
Allium listera (Attributes)
Allium litardierei
Allium litorale (Attributes)
Allium litvinovii (Attributes)
Allium lojaconoi (Attributes)
Allium longanum (Attributes)
Allium longicollum (Attributes)
Allium longifolium (Kunth’s onion) (Attributes)
Allium longipapillatum (Attributes)
Allium longiradiatum (Attributes)
Allium longisepalum (Attributes)
Allium longispathum (Attributes)
Allium longistylum (Attributes)
Allium longivaginatum (Attributes)
Allium lopadusanum (Attributes)
Allium loratum (Attributes)
Allium lusitanicum (Attributes)
Allium luteolum (Attributes)
Allium lutescens (Attributes)
Allium lycaonicum (Attributes)
Allium maackii (Attributes)
Allium macedonicum (Attributes)
Allium machmelianum (Attributes)
Allium macleanii (Attributes)
Allium macranthum (Attributes)
Allium macrochaetum (Attributes)
Allium macropetalum (largeflower onion) (Attributes)
Allium macrostemon (Attributes)
Allium macrostylum (Attributes)
Allium macrum (rock onion) (Attributes)
Allium madidum (swamp onion) (Attributes)
Allium mahneshanense
Allium mairei (Attributes)
Allium majus (Attributes)
Allium makrianum
Allium malyschevii (Attributes)
Allium maniaticum (Attributes)
Allium mannii (Attributes)
Allium maowenense (Attributes)
Allium maraschicum
Allium marathasicum (Attributes)
Allium mareoticum (Attributes)
Allium margaritae (Attributes)
Allium margaritiferum (Attributes)
Allium marginatum (Attributes)
Allium mariae (Attributes)
Allium marschallianum
Allium massaessylum (Attributes)
Allium materculae (Attributes)
Allium maximowiczii (Attributes)
Allium megalobulbon (Attributes)
Allium melanantherum (Attributes)
Allium melananthum (Attributes)
Allium melanogyne
Allium melitense (Attributes)
Allium melliferum (Attributes)
Allium membranaceum (papery onion) (Attributes)
Allium meronense
Allium meteoricum (Attributes)
Allium mexicanum (Attributes)
Allium michaelis
Allium michoacanum (Attributes)
Allium micranthum (Attributes)
Allium microdictyon (Attributes)
Allium microspathum (Attributes)
Allium minus
Allium minutiflorum (Attributes)
Allium minutum (Attributes)
Allium mirum (Attributes)
Allium mirzajevii (Attributes)
Allium moderense (Attributes)
Allium moly (Golden Garlic) (Attributes)
Allium monanthum (Korean Wild Chive) (Attributes)
Allium mongolicum (Attributes)
Allium monophyllum (Attributes)
Allium montelburzense (Attributes)
Allium montibaicalense (Attributes)
Allium monticola (San Bernardino Mountain onion) (Attributes)
Allium moschatum (Attributes)
Allium mozaffarianii
Allium multibulbosum (Attributes)
Allium multiflorum (Attributes)
Allium munzii (Munz's onion) (Attributes)
Allium myrianthum (Attributes)
Allium najafdaricum
Allium nanodes (Attributes)
Allium narcissiflorum (Attributes)
Allium nathaliae (Attributes)
Allium neapolitanum (white garlic) (Attributes)
Allium nebrodense (Attributes)
Allium negevense (Attributes)
Allium nemrutdaghense (Attributes)
Allium neriniflorum (Attributes)
Allium nevadense (Nevada onion) (Attributes)
Allium nevii (Nevius' garlic) (Attributes)
Allium nevsehirense (Attributes)
Allium nevskianum (Attributes)
Allium nigrum (black garlic) (Attributes)
Allium noeanum (Attributes)
Allium notabile (Attributes)
Allium nuristanicum (Attributes)
Allium nutans (Attributes)
Allium obliquum (Twistedleaf Garlic) (Attributes)
Allium obtusiflorum (Attributes)
Allium obtusum (red Sierra onion) (Attributes)
Allium ochotense (Attributes)
Allium oleraceum (field garlic) (Attributes)
Allium oliganthum (Attributes)
Allium olivieri (Attributes)
Allium oltense (Attributes)
Allium olympicum (Attributes)
Allium omeiense (Attributes)
Allium opacum (Attributes)
Allium ophiophyllum (Attributes)
Allium oporinanthum (Attributes)
Allium optimae
Allium oreodictyum (Attributes)
Allium oreophiloides (Attributes)
Allium oreophilum (Attributes)
Allium oreoprasoides (Attributes)
Allium oreoprasum (Attributes)
Allium oreoscordum (Attributes)
Allium oreotadzhikorum (Attributes)
Allium orestis
Allium orientale (Attributes)
Allium orientoiranicum
Allium orunbaii (Attributes)
Allium oschaninii (Attributes)
Allium ovalifolium (Attributes)
Allium ownbeyi (Attributes)
Allium paepalanthoides (Attributes)
Allium palentinum (Attributes)
Allium pallasii (Attributes)
Allium pallens (Attributes)
Allium pamiricum (Attributes)
Allium pangasicum (Attributes)
Allium paniculatum (Mediterranean onion) (Attributes)
Allium panjaoense (Attributes)
Allium papillare (Attributes)
Allium paradoxum (Few-Flowered Leek) (Attributes)
Allium parciflorum (Attributes)
Allium pardoi (Attributes)
Allium parishii (Parish's onion) (Attributes)
Allium parnassicum (Attributes)
Allium parryi (Parry's fringed onion) (Attributes)
Allium parvulum (Attributes)
Allium parvum (small onion) (Attributes)
Allium passeyi (Passey's onion) (Attributes)
Allium pendulinum (Attributes)
Allium peninsulare (San Francisco onion) (Attributes)
Allium pentadactyli (Attributes)
Allium perdulce (plains onion) (Attributes)
Allium permixtum (Attributes)
Allium peroninianum (Attributes)
Allium pervestitum (Endangered) (Attributes)
Allium petraeum (Attributes)
Allium petri (Attributes)
Allium pevtzovii (Attributes)
Allium phalereum (Attributes)
Allium phanerantherum (Attributes)
Allium phariense (Attributes)
Allium phitosianum (Attributes)
Allium phrygium (Attributes)
Allium phthioticum (Attributes)
Allium pictistamineum (Attributes)
Allium pilosum (Attributes)
Allium platakisii (Attributes)
Allium platycaule (broadstemmed onion) (Attributes)
Allium platyspathum (Attributes)
Allium plummerae (Tanners Canyon onion) (Attributes)
Allium plurifoliatum (Attributes)
Allium podolicum (Attributes)
Allium pogonotepalum (Attributes)
Allium polyanthum (Attributes)
Allium polyrhizum (Attributes)
Allium ponticum (Attributes)
Allium popovii (Attributes)
Allium potosiense (Attributes)
Allium praecox (early onion) (Attributes)
Allium praemixtum (Attributes)
Allium prattii (Attributes)
Allium proponticum (Attributes)
Allium prostratum (Attributes)
Allium protensum (Attributes)
Allium pruinatum (Attributes)
Allium przewalskianum (Attributes)
Allium psebaicum (Attributes)
Allium pseudoalbidum (Onion) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Allium pseudoampeloprasum (Attributes)
Allium pseudobodeanum (Attributes)
Allium pseudocalyptratum (Attributes)
Allium pseudoflavum (Attributes)
Allium pseudofraseri (Attributes)
Allium pseudojaponicum (Attributes)
Allium pseudophanerantherum (Attributes)
Allium pseudosenescens
Allium pseudostamineum (Attributes)
Allium pseudostrictum (Attributes)
Allium pseudowinklerianum (Attributes)
Allium pskemense (Attributes)
Allium pueblanum (Attributes)
Allium pumilum (Attributes)
Allium punctum (dotted onion) (Attributes)
Allium purpureoviride
Allium pustulosum (Attributes)
Allium pyrenaicum (Attributes)
Allium qasyunense (Attributes)
Allium ramazanicum (Attributes)
Allium ramosum (Chinese Chives) (Attributes)
Allium rausii (Attributes)
Allium ravenii
Allium rechingeri (Attributes)
Allium reconditum (Attributes)
Allium regelianum (Attributes)
Allium regelii (Attributes)
Allium registanicum (Attributes)
Allium retrorsum (Attributes)
Allium reuterianum (Attributes)
Allium rhabdotum (Attributes)
Allium rhetoreanum (Attributes)
Allium rhizomatum (Attributes)
Allium rhodiacum (Attributes)
Allium rhodopeum (Attributes)
Allium rhynchogynum (Attributes)
Allium rinae
Allium ritsi (Attributes)
Allium robertianum (Attributes)
Allium robinsonii (Robinson's onion) (Attributes)
Allium roborowskianum (Attributes)
Allium robustum (Attributes)
Allium rollovii (Attributes)
Allium rosenbachianum (Attributes)
Allium rosenorum (Attributes)
Allium roseum (Rosy Garlic) (Attributes)
Allium rothii (Attributes)
Allium rotundum (Attributes)
Allium rouyi (Attributes)
Allium roylei (Attributes)
Allium rubellum (Attributes)
Allium rubens (Attributes)
Allium rubrovittatum (Attributes)
Allium rude (Attributes)
Allium ruhmerianum (Attributes)
Allium rumelicum
Allium runemarkii (Attributes)
Allium runyonii (Runyon's onion) (Attributes)
Allium rupestre (Attributes)
Allium rupestristepposum (Attributes)
Allium rupicola (Attributes)
Allium sabulosum (Attributes)
Allium sabzakense (Attributes)
Allium sacculiferum (Attributes)
Allium sairamense (Attributes)
Allium salinum (Attributes)
Allium samothracicum (Attributes)
Allium samurense (Attributes)
Allium sanbornii (Congdon's onion) (Attributes)
Allium sandrasicum (Attributes)
Allium sannineum (Attributes)
Allium saposhnikovii (Attributes)
Allium saralicum (Attributes)
Allium sarawschanicum (Attributes)
Allium sativum (cultivated garlic) (Attributes)
Allium savii (Attributes)
Allium saxatile (Attributes)
Allium scaberrimum (Attributes)
Allium scabriflorum (Attributes)
Allium scabriscapum (Attributes)
Allium schachimardanicum (Attributes)
Allium schergianum (Attributes)
Allium schischkinii (Attributes)
Allium schmitzii (Attributes)
Allium schoenoprasoides (Attributes)
Allium schoenoprasum (wild chives) (Attributes)
Allium schrenkii (Attributes)
Allium schubertii (Attributes)
Allium schugnanicum (Attributes)
Allium scilloides (fragile onion) (Attributes)
Allium scorodoprasum (sand leek) (Attributes)
Allium scorzonerifolium (Attributes)
Allium scotostemon (Attributes)
Allium scrobiculatum (Attributes)
Allium semenovii (Attributes)
Allium senescens (German Garlic) (Attributes)
Allium sergii (Attributes)
Allium serra (jeweled onion) (Attributes)
Allium setifolium (Attributes)
Allium severtzovioides (Attributes)
Allium sewerzowii (Attributes)
Allium sharsmithiae (Sharsmith's onion) (Attributes)
Allium shatakiense (Attributes)
Allium shelkovnikovii (Attributes)
Allium shevockii (Spanish Needle onion) (Attributes)
Allium shirnakiense
Allium sibthorpianum (Attributes)
Allium siculum (Attributes)
Allium sieheanum (Attributes)
Allium sikkimense (Attributes)
Allium simillimum (simil onion) (Attributes)
Allium sinaiticum (Attributes)
Allium sindjarense (Attributes)
Allium sinkiangense (Attributes)
Allium sintenisii (Attributes)
Allium siphonanthum (Attributes)
Allium sipyleum (Attributes)
Allium siskiyouense (Siskiyou onion) (Attributes)
Allium sivasicum (Attributes)
Allium sochense (Attributes)
Allium songpanicum (Attributes)
Allium sordidiflorum (Attributes)
Allium sosnovskyanum (Attributes)
Allium spathaceum (Attributes)
Allium spathulatum (Attributes)
Allium speculae (Little River Canyon onion) (Attributes)
Allium sphaerocephalon (Round-Headed Leek) (Attributes)
Allium spicatum (Attributes)
Allium spirale (Attributes)
Allium spirophyllum (Attributes)
Allium splendens (Miyama-Rakkyo) (Attributes)
Allium sprengeri (Attributes)
Allium spurium (Attributes)
Allium stamineum (Attributes)
Allium staticiforme (Attributes)
Allium stearnianum (Attributes)
Allium stellatum (autumn onion) (Attributes)
Allium stellerianum (Attributes)
Allium stenopetalum (Attributes)
Allium stephanophorum (Attributes)
Allium stipitatum (Attributes)
Allium stocksianum (Attributes)
Allium stoloniferum (Attributes)
Allium stracheyi (Attributes)
Allium strictum (Attributes)
Allium struzlianum (Struzl's Onion) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Allium stylosum (Attributes)
Allium suaveolens (Attributes)
Allium subakaka
Allium subangulatum (Attributes)
Allium subhirsutum (Attributes)
Allium subkopetdagense
Allium subnotabile (Attributes)
Allium subtilissimum (Attributes)
Allium subvillosum (Attributes)
Allium sulphureum (Attributes)
Allium suworowii (Attributes)
Allium svetlanae (Attributes)
Allium synnotii (Attributes)
Allium szovitsii (Attributes)
Allium taciturnum (Attributes)
Allium taeniopetalum (Attributes)
Allium taishanense (Attributes)
Allium talassicum (Attributes)
Allium talijevii (Attributes)
Allium talyschense (Attributes)
Allium tanguticum (Attributes)
Allium taquetii (Attributes)
Allium tardans (Attributes)
Allium tardiflorum (Attributes)
Allium tarkhankuticum
Allium tashkenticum (Attributes)
Allium tauricola (Attributes)
Allium tchihatschewii (Attributes)
Allium tekesicola (Attributes)
Allium tel-avivense (Attributes)
Allium telaponense (Attributes)
Allium telmatum (Attributes)
Allium tenuicaule (Attributes)
Allium tenuiflorum (Attributes)
Allium tenuissimum (Attributes)
Allium teretifolium (Attributes)
Allium texanum (Attributes)
Allium textile (textile onion) (Attributes)
Allium thessalicum (Attributes)
Allium thunbergii (Attributes)
Allium tianschanicum (Attributes)
Allium togashii (Attributes)
Allium tokaliense (Attributes)
Allium tolmiei (sevendevils onion) (Attributes)
Allium tourneuxii (Attributes)
Allium trachycoleum (Attributes)
Allium trachyscordum (Attributes)
Allium transvestiens (Attributes)
Allium traubii (Attributes)
Allium trautvetterianum (Attributes)
Allium tribracteatum (threebract onion) (Attributes)
Allium trichocnemis (Attributes)
Allium tricoccum (ramp) (Attributes)
Allium trifoliatum (Attributes)
Allium trifurcatum (Attributes)
Allium tripedale (Attributes)
Allium tripterum (Attributes)
Allium triquetrum (threecorner leek) (Attributes)
Allium truncatum (Attributes)
Allium tschimganicum (Attributes)
Allium tschulaktavicum (Attributes)
Allium tubergenii (Attributes)
Allium tuberosum (Chinese chives) (Attributes)
Allium tubiflorum (Attributes)
Allium tuchalense (Attributes)
Allium tulipifolium (Attributes)
Allium tuncelianum (Tunceli garlic) (Attributes)
Allium tuolumnense (Rawhide HIll onion) (Attributes)
Allium turcicum (Attributes)
Allium turcomanicum (Attributes)
Allium turkestanicum (Attributes)
Allium turtschicum (Attributes)
Allium tuvinicum (Attributes)
Allium tytthanthum (Attributes)
Allium tytthocephalum (Attributes)
Allium ubipetrense (Attributes)
Allium ubsicola (Attributes)
Allium umbilicatum (Attributes)
Allium unifolium (oneleaf onion) (Attributes)
Allium urmiense (Attributes)
Allium ursinum (bear garlic) (Attributes)
Allium valdecallosum
Allium valdesianum (Attributes)
Allium valentinae (Attributes)
Allium validum (Pacific onion) (Attributes)
Allium vallivanchense (Attributes)
Allium variegatum (Attributes)
Allium vasilevskajae (Attributes)
Allium vavilovii (Attributes)
Allium verticillatum (Attributes)
Allium vescum (Attributes)
Allium victorialis (victory onion) (Attributes)
Allium victoris (Attributes)
Allium vineale (compact onion) (Attributes)
Allium vinicolor (Attributes)
Allium virgunculae (Attributes)
Allium viridiflorum (Attributes)
Allium viridulum (Attributes)
Allium vodopjanovae (Attributes)
Allium vvedenskyanum (Attributes)
Allium wallichii (Jimbur) (Attributes)
Allium warzobicum (Attributes)
Allium weissii (Attributes)
Allium wendelboanum (Attributes)
Allium wendelboi (Attributes)
Allium weschniakowii (Attributes)
Allium wiedemannianum (Attributes)
Allium willeanum (Attributes)
Allium winklerianum (Attributes)
Allium woronowii (Attributes)
Allium xiangchengense (Attributes)
Allium xichuanense (Attributes)
Allium xiphopetalum (Attributes)
Allium yanchiense (Attributes)
Allium yildirimlii
Allium yongdengense (Attributes)
Allium yosemitense (Yosemite onion) (Attributes)
Allium yuanum (Attributes)
Allium zagricum (Attributes)
Allium zaissanicum (Attributes)
Allium zaprjagajevii (Attributes)
Allium zebdanense (Attributes)
Allium zergericum (Attributes)


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