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Euparkerella (Guanabara frogs)

Wikipedia Abstract

Euparkerella is a genus of craugastorid frogs. The common name coined for them is Guanabara frogs. They are endemic to Atlantic coastal forests in the southeastern Brazilian states EspĂ­rito Santo and Rio de Janeiro. The name Euparkerella honours H. W. Parker, a herpetologist who named the type species, with the Greek prefix eu meaning true and suffix ella, a diminutive form.
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Euparkerella brasiliensis (Attributes)
Euparkerella cochranae (Attributes)
Euparkerella robusta (Izecksohn's Guanabarra frog) (Attributes)
Euparkerella tridactyla (Three-toed Guanabarra frog) (Attributes)


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