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Oreobates is a frog genus of in the Craugastoridae family. Most species were formerly in the genus Ischnocnema, but were moved to this revalidated genus following a 2006 revision. Its sister taxon is Lynchius.These frogs are found in the lower slopes of the Andes into the upper Amazon Basin from Colombia south to northern Argentina and east into western Brazil.
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Oreobates barituensis (Attributes)
Oreobates choristolemma (Attributes)
Oreobates cruralis (Attributes)
Oreobates discoidalis (Attributes)
Oreobates granulosus (Attributes)
Oreobates heterodactylus (Attributes)
Oreobates ibischi (Attributes)
Oreobates lehri (Attributes)
Oreobates madidi (Attributes)
Oreobates pereger (Ayacucho Andes Frog) (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Oreobates quixensis (Attributes)
Oreobates sanctaecrucis (Attributes)
Oreobates sanderi (Attributes)
Oreobates saxatilis (Attributes)
Oreobates simmonsi (Simmons' big-headed frog) (Attributes)
Oreobates zongoensis (zongoensis robber frog) (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)


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