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Pristimantis is a very large frog genus distributed in the southern Caribbean (Lesser Antilles) and in Central and South America from Honduras to northern Argentina and southern Brazil. With over 470 described species, Pristimantis has more species than any other genus of vertebrates on earth. A large number of these species genus are endemic to the Northwestern Andean montane forests ecoregion in northwestern South America.
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Pristimantis aaptus
Pristimantis acatallelus
Pristimantis acerus (Endangered)
Pristimantis achatinus
Pristimantis achuar
Pristimantis actinolaimus (actinolaimus robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis actites
Pristimantis acuminatus
Pristimantis acutirostris (Sharpsnout robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis adiastolus
Pristimantis aemulatus
Pristimantis affinis
Pristimantis alalocophus
Pristimantis albericoi (albericoi robber frog) (Critically Endangered)
Pristimantis albertus
Pristimantis altae
Pristimantis altamazonicus
Pristimantis altamnis
Pristimantis amydrotus
Pristimantis andinognomus
Pristimantis anemerus
Pristimantis angustilineatus (Pristimantis angustilineata) (Endangered)
Pristimantis aniptopalmatus
Pristimantis anolirex
Pristimantis anotis
Pristimantis apiculatus
Pristimantis appendiculatus
Pristimantis aquilonaris
Pristimantis aracamuni
Pristimantis ardalonychus
Pristimantis ashkapara (ashkapara robber frog)
Pristimantis atrabracus
Pristimantis atratus (Endangered)
Pristimantis aurantiguttatus
Pristimantis aureolineatus
Pristimantis auricarens
Pristimantis avicuporum
Pristimantis avius
Pristimantis bacchus (Wine Robber Frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis baiotis
Pristimantis balionotus (Endangered)
Pristimantis baryecuus (Endangered)
Pristimantis batrachites
Pristimantis bearsei
Pristimantis bellator
Pristimantis bellona (Murri Robber Frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis bernali (Argelia Robber Frog) (Critically Endangered)
Pristimantis bicolor
Pristimantis bicumulus (Agua bonita robber frog)
Pristimantis bipunctatus
Pristimantis bisignatus (Hylodes gollmeri variety bisignata) (Endangered)
Pristimantis boconoensis (Bocono robber frog)
Pristimantis bogotensis
Pristimantis boulengeri
Pristimantis brevifrons
Pristimantis briceni
Pristimantis bromeliaceus
Pristimantis buccinator
Pristimantis buckleyi
Pristimantis cabrerai (Eleutherodactylus surdus subspecies cabrerai) (Endangered)
Pristimantis cacao (Cacao Robber Frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis caeruleonotus
Pristimantis cajamarcensis
Pristimantis calcaratus (San Antonio Robber Frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis calcarulatus
Pristimantis caliginosus
Pristimantis cantitans
Pristimantis capitonis (Endangered)
Pristimantis caprifer
Pristimantis carlossanchezi
Pristimantis carmelitae
Pristimantis carranguerorum
Pristimantis carvalhoi
Pristimantis caryophyllaceus
Pristimantis cavernibardus
Pristimantis celator
Pristimantis cerasinus
Pristimantis ceuthospilus
Pristimantis chalceus
Pristimantis charlottevillensis (charlottevillensis robber frog)
Pristimantis chiastonotus
Pristimantis chimu
Pristimantis chloronotus
Pristimantis chrysops (chrysops robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis citriogaster
Pristimantis colodactylus
Pristimantis colomai (Endangered)
Pristimantis colonensis
Pristimantis colostichos
Pristimantis condor
Pristimantis conspicillatus
Pristimantis cordovae
Pristimantis corniger
Pristimantis coronatus
Pristimantis corrugatus
Pristimantis cosnipatae (Rio Cosnipata Robber Frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis cremnobates (Endangered)
Pristimantis crenunguis (Spring robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis crepitans
Pristimantis cristinae
Pristimantis croceoinguinis
Pristimantis crucifer
Pristimantis cruciocularis
Pristimantis cruentus
Pristimantis cryophilius (San Vincente robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis cryptomelas (Cryptic Robber Frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis cuentasi
Pristimantis culatensis
Pristimantis cuneirostris
Pristimantis curtipes
Pristimantis danae
Pristimantis degener (Endangered)
Pristimantis deinops (deinops robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis delicatus
Pristimantis delius
Pristimantis dendrobatoides
Pristimantis devillei (De Ville's robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis diadematus
Pristimantis diaphonus
Pristimantis diogenes
Pristimantis dissimulatus (Endangered)
Pristimantis dorsopictus (Serna's Robber Frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis douglasi (douglasi robber frog)
Pristimantis duellmani (Duellman's robber frog)
Pristimantis duende
Pristimantis dundeei
Pristimantis elegans
Pristimantis epacrus
Pristimantis eremitus
Pristimantis eriphus
Pristimantis ernesti (Ernest's robber frog)
Pristimantis erythropleura
Pristimantis esmeraldas
Pristimantis eugeniae (Endangered)
Pristimantis euphronides (Eleutherodactylus euphronides) (Endangered)
Pristimantis eurydactylus
Pristimantis exoristus
Pristimantis factiosus
Pristimantis fallax
Pristimantis fasciatus (Endangered)
Pristimantis fenestratus
Pristimantis festae (Paludicola festae) (Endangered)
Pristimantis fetosus (fetosus robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis flabellidiscus
Pristimantis flavobracatus
Pristimantis floridus (floridus robber frog)
Pristimantis frater
Pristimantis fraudator
Pristimantis gagliardoi
Pristimantis gaigei
Pristimantis galdi (Espada's robber frog)
Pristimantis ganonotus
Pristimantis gentryi (gentryi robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis ginesi (Rangel robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis gladiator (Papallacta Valley robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis glandulosus (Endangered)
Pristimantis gracilis
Pristimantis grandiceps
Pristimantis guaiquinimensis
Pristimantis gutturalis
Pristimantis hamiotae (Nono robber frog) (Critically Endangered)
Pristimantis hectus
Pristimantis helvolus (Endangered)
Pristimantis hernandezi (Hernandez's Robber Frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis huicundo
Pristimantis hybotragus (Caracas robber frog)
Pristimantis ignicolor (Endangered)
Pristimantis illotus
Pristimantis imitatrix
Pristimantis incanus (Endangered)
Pristimantis incertus
Pristimantis incomptus
Pristimantis infraguttatus
Pristimantis inguinalis
Pristimantis insignitus (Ground Robber Frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis inusitatus
Pristimantis ixalus
Pristimantis jabonensis
Pristimantis jaimei
Pristimantis jester
Pristimantis johannesdei (Endangered)
Pristimantis jorgevelosai (Endangered)
Pristimantis juanchoi
Pristimantis jubatus
Pristimantis kareliae
Pristimantis katoptroides (Endangered)
Pristimantis kelephas
Pristimantis kichwarum
Pristimantis kirklandi
Pristimantis koehleri
Pristimantis labiosus
Pristimantis lacrimosus
Pristimantis lancinii (Lancini's robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis lanthanites
Pristimantis lasalleorum (lasalleorum robber frog)
Pristimantis laticlavius
Pristimantis latidiscus
Pristimantis lemur (lemur robber frog or Rana picuda) (Endangered)
Pristimantis lentiginosus
Pristimantis leoni
Pristimantis leptolophus
Pristimantis leucopus
Pristimantis leucorrhinus
Pristimantis librarius
Pristimantis lichenoides (Rana Camuflada) (Critically Endangered)
Pristimantis lindae
Pristimantis lirellus
Pristimantis lividus (Endangered)
Pristimantis llojsintuta
Pristimantis loustes (Maldonado robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis lucasi
Pristimantis luscombei
Pristimantis luteolateralis
Pristimantis lutitus
Pristimantis lymani
Pristimantis lynchi
Pristimantis lythrodes
Pristimantis maculosus (Spotted robber frog or Rana de Ingles negros y blancas) (Endangered)
Pristimantis malkini
Pristimantis marahuaka
Pristimantis marmoratus
Pristimantis mars (mars robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis martiae
Pristimantis medemi
Pristimantis megalops
Pristimantis melanogaster (Eleutherodactylus melanogaster) (Endangered)
Pristimantis melanoproctus
Pristimantis memorans
Pristimantis mendax
Pristimantis mercedesae
Pristimantis meridionalis
Pristimantis merostictus (Bogotacito Robber Frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis metabates
Pristimantis minutulus
Pristimantis miyatai
Pristimantis mnionaetes (Endangered)
Pristimantis modipeplus (Endangered)
Pristimantis molybrignus
Pristimantis mondolfii
Pristimantis moro
Pristimantis muricatus
Pristimantis muscosus
Pristimantis museosus (Eleutherodactylus museosus) (Endangered)
Pristimantis myersi
Pristimantis myops
Pristimantis nephophilus
Pristimantis nervicus
Pristimantis nicefori
Pristimantis nigrogriseus
Pristimantis nyctophylax
Pristimantis obmutescens
Pristimantis ocellatus
Pristimantis ockendeni
Pristimantis ocreatus (Endangered)
Pristimantis olivaceus
Pristimantis orcesi
Pristimantis orestes (Urdaneta robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis ornatissimus
Pristimantis ornatus (Endangered)
Pristimantis orpacobates (orpacobates robber frog)
Pristimantis orphnolaimus
Pristimantis ortizi
Pristimantis padrecarlosi
Pristimantis paisa
Pristimantis palmeri
Pristimantis paramerus (Mucubatrachus paramerus) (Endangered)
Pristimantis pardalinus (Critically Endangered)
Pristimantis pardalis
Pristimantis parectatus (parectatus robber frog or Rana diminuta) (Endangered)
Pristimantis parvillus
Pristimantis pastazensis (Endangered)
Pristimantis pataikos (pataikos robber frog)
Pristimantis paululus
Pristimantis pecki
Pristimantis pedimontanus
Pristimantis penelopus (penelopus robber frog or Rana de Ingles negras y amarillas)
Pristimantis peraticus
Pristimantis percnopterus
Pristimantis percultus (Endangered)
Pristimantis permixtus
Pristimantis peruvianus
Pristimantis petersi
Pristimantis petrobardus
Pristimantis phalaroinguinis
Pristimantis phalarus
Pristimantis philipi
Pristimantis phoxocephalus
Pristimantis phragmipleuron (Sugar Robber Frog) (Critically Endangered)
Pristimantis piceus
Pristimantis pinguis
Pristimantis pirrensis
Pristimantis platychilus (platychilus robber frog)
Pristimantis platydactylus
Pristimantis pleurostriatus
Pristimantis pluvicanorus
Pristimantis polemistes
Pristimantis polychrus (polychrus robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis prolatus (Endangered)
Pristimantis prolixodiscus
Pristimantis proserpens (Sapote Robber Frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis pruinatus
Pristimantis pseudoacuminatus
Pristimantis pteridophilus (Endangered)
Pristimantis ptochus
Pristimantis pugnax
Pristimantis pulvinatus
Pristimantis pycnodermis (Endangered)
Pristimantis pyrrhomerus (Lynch's Pilalo robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis quantus
Pristimantis quaquaversus
Pristimantis quinquagesimus (Zapadores robber frog)
Pristimantis racemus
Pristimantis reclusas
Pristimantis reichlei
Pristimantis renjiforum (renjiforum robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis repens (Galeras robber frog)
Pristimantis restrepoi
Pristimantis reticulatus
Pristimantis rhabdocnemus
Pristimantis rhabdolaemus
Pristimantis rhigophilus
Pristimantis rhodoplichus (Canchaque Robber Frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis rhodostichus
Pristimantis ridens
Pristimantis rivasi (Endangered)
Pristimantis riveroi
Pristimantis riveti
Pristimantis rosadoi
Pristimantis roseus
Pristimantis royi
Pristimantis rozei
Pristimantis rubicundus (Trench robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis ruedai
Pristimantis rufioculis
Pristimantis ruidus
Pristimantis ruthveni (Ruthven's robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis sagittulus
Pristimantis salaputium
Pristimantis saltissimus
Pristimantis samaipatae
Pristimantis sanctaemartae
Pristimantis sanguineus
Pristimantis sarisarinama
Pristimantis satagius (satagius robber frog)
Pristimantis savagei
Pristimantis schultei
Pristimantis scitulus
Pristimantis scoloblepharus (Los Patos robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis scolodiscus (Ricuarte robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis scopaeus
Pristimantis seorsus
Pristimantis serendipitus
Pristimantis shrevei (Eleutherodactylus urichi subspecies shrevei) (Endangered)
Pristimantis signifer (signifer robber frog)
Pristimantis silverstonei
Pristimantis simonbolivari (Simon's robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis simonsii (Paramo Andes frog) (Critically Endangered)
Pristimantis simoteriscus (simoteriscus robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis simoterus
Pristimantis siopelus (Reserve robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis skydmainos
Pristimantis sobetes (Sobetes robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis spectabilis
Pristimantis spilogaster (Gambita Robber Frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis spinosus
Pristimantis stegolepis
Pristimantis stenodiscus
Pristimantis sternothylax
Pristimantis stictoboubonus
Pristimantis stictogaster
Pristimantis subsigillatus
Pristimantis suetus (suetus robber frog or Rana minuscula) (Endangered)
Pristimantis sulculus (Channel robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis supernatis
Pristimantis surdus (Cloud forest robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis susaguae
Pristimantis taciturnus
Pristimantis taeniatus
Pristimantis tamsitti
Pristimantis tantanti
Pristimantis tanyrhynchus
Pristimantis tayrona
Pristimantis telefericus
Pristimantis tenebrionis (Hotel robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis tepuiensis
Pristimantis terraebolivaris
Pristimantis thectopternus
Pristimantis thyellus
Pristimantis thymalopsoides (Endangered)
Pristimantis thymelensis
Pristimantis toftae
Pristimantis torrenticola (Critically Endangered)
Pristimantis trachyblepharis
Pristimantis tribulosus (tribulosus robber frog or Rana Ornamentada) (Critically Endangered)
Pristimantis truebae (truebae robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis tubernasus
Pristimantis turik
Pristimantis turpinorum (turpinorum robber frog)
Pristimantis turumiquirensis (Endangered)
Pristimantis uisae
Pristimantis unistrigatus
Pristimantis uranobates
Pristimantis urichi (Lesser Antilles Robber Frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis vanadise
Pristimantis variabilis
Pristimantis veletis (veletis robber frog or Rana Camuflada) (Critically Endangered)
Pristimantis ventriguttatus
Pristimantis ventrimarmoratus
Pristimantis verecundus
Pristimantis vermiculatus
Pristimantis versicolor
Pristimantis vertebralis (Vertebral robber frog)
Pristimantis vicarius
Pristimantis vidua (Mountain crest robber frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis viejas
Pristimantis vilarsi
Pristimantis vilcabambae
Pristimantis viridicans (Cerro Munchique Robber Frog) (Endangered)
Pristimantis viridis
Pristimantis w-nigrum
Pristimantis wagteri
Pristimantis walkeri
Pristimantis waoranii
Pristimantis wiensi
Pristimantis xeniolum
Pristimantis xestus
Pristimantis xylochobates (xylochobates robber frog)
Pristimantis yaviensis
Pristimantis yukpa
Pristimantis yuruaniensis
Pristimantis yustizi
Pristimantis zeuctotylus
Pristimantis zimmermanae
Pristimantis zoilae
Pristimantis zophus (zophus robber frog) (Endangered)


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