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Ischaemum polystachyum (paddle grass)

Synonyms: Andropogon arcuatus; Andropogon bourouensis; Andropogon chordatus; Andropogon fasciculatus; Andropogon mariannae; Andropogon medius; Andropogon paniceus; Andropogon submembranaceus; Argopogon vuilletii; Ischaemopogon arcuatus; Ischaemum arcuatum; Ischaemum chordatum; Ischaemum digitatum; Ischaemum digitatum var. polystachyum; Ischaemum duthiei; Ischaemum fasciculatum; Ischaemum fasciculatum var. arcuatum; Ischaemum hirtum; Ischaemum intermedium; Ischaemum junodii; Ischaemum lacei; Ischaemum mellei; Ischaemum nilagiricum; Ischaemum paniceum; Ischaemum pilosum; Ischaemum plumulosum; Ischaemum polystachyum var. chordatum; Ischaemum polystachyum var. hillii; Ischaemum polystachyum var. intermedium; Ischaemum purpurascens; Ischaemum rivale; Ischaemum stipitatum; Ischaemum taborense; Ischaemum tallanum; Ischaemum todayense; Ischaemum turneri; Microstegium rupestre; Pollinia rupestris; Spodiopogon arcuatus; Spodiopogon chordatus; Spodiopogon rivalis

Invasive Species

Considered to be native to many Pacific Islands, Ischaemum polystachyum (paddle grass) is apparently one of few plants to become a native invasive. In Pohnpei (Federated States of Micronesia) it is considered a particularly aggressive plant and is very abundant on other Islands of it's native range. Paddle grass mainly inhabits roadsides, garden clearings and grasslands.
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