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Acanthophora spicifera

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Acanthophora spicifera is a species of marine red algae in the family Rhodomelaceae.
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Invasive Species

Acanthophora spicifera is a red algae which is found in most tropical or subtropical seas of the world. Its plastic morphology allows it to adapt to a variety of environmental conditions, and hence it can invade a diverse range of habitats. It is an alien invasive species in Hawaii. It is amongst the most successful alien algal species in this region, where it may modify native communities and compete with native algae.
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Aluterus scriptus (unicornfish)[1]
Lactophrys trigonus (Trunkfish)[1]
Ophioblennius atlanticus (Devilfish)[1]
Scartella cristata (Molly miller)[2]
Scarus coelestinus (Midnight Parrotfish)[1]
Scarus vetula (Blownose)[1]
Sparisoma radians (Sleep on grass)[1]
Stegastes fuscus (dusky damselfish)[1]



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