Animalia > Platyhelminthes > Cestoda > Diphyllobothriidea > Diphyllobothriidae > Diphyllobothrium > Diphyllobothrium balaenopterae

Diphyllobothrium balaenopterae

Synonyms: Diplogonoporus balaenopterae


Parasite of 
Balaenoptera acutorostrata (Minke Whale)[1]
Balaenoptera borealis (Sei Whale)[1]
Balaenoptera musculus (Blue Whale)[1]
Balaenoptera physalus (Fin Whale)[1]
Engraulis japonicus (Japanese anchovy)[1]
Eubalaena glacialis (Northern Right Whale)[1]
Homo sapiens (man)[1]
Megaptera novaeangliae (Humpback Whale)[1]
Sardinops sagax (Australian pilchard)[1]



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