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Hypericaceae is a plant family in the order Malpighiales, comprising ca 6 genera and 590 species. Molecular data supports its monophyly. Some systematists treat it as a subfamily of the Clusiaceae. When it is accepted as a distinct family, it contains the following genera: \n* Cratoxylum Blume \n* Eliea Cambess. \n* Harungana Lamarck \n* Hypericum L. \n* Lianthus N. Robson \n* Psorospermum Spach \n* Santomasia N. Robson \n* Thornea Breedlove & McClintock \n* Triadenum Rafinesque \n* Vismia Vand.
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Cratoxylum (6)
Eliaea (1)
Harungana (3)
Hypericum (500)   (5)   (1)
Psorospermum (47)   (1)
Santomasia (1)
Triadenum (6)
Vismia (47)   (1)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count


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