Animalia > Platyhelminthes > Trematoda > Plagiorchiida > Monorchiidae > Monorchis > Monorchis parvus

Monorchis parvus


Parasite of 
Cerastoderma edule (Common cockle)[1]
Cerastoderma glaucum (Olive green cockle)[1]
Diplodus annularis (Annular seabream)[1]
Diplodus sargus (White seabream)[1]
Diplodus vulgaris (Twoband bream)[1]


Mutual (symbiont) 
Anas platyrhynchos (Mallard)[2]
Asterias rubens (Starfish)[2]
Calidris alpina (Dunlin)[2]
Calidris canutus (Red Knot)[2]
Carcinus maenas (green crab)[2]
Crangon crangon (common shrimp)[2]
Hediste diversicolor (veelkleurige zeeduizendpoot)[2]
Larus argentatus (Herring Gull)[2]
Larus canus (Mew Gull)[2]
Limosa lapponica (Bar-tailed Godwit)[2]
Numenius arquata (Eurasian Curlew)[2]
Pagurus bernhardus (Bernhard's hermit crab)[2]
Pleuronectes platessa (European plaice)[2]
Pluvialis squatarola (Grey Plover)[2]
Pomatoschistus microps (Common goby)[2]
Pomatoschistus minutus (freckled goby)[2]
Recurvirostra avosetta (Pied Avocet)[2]
Somateria mollissima (Common Eider)[2]
Tadorna tadorna (Common Shelduck)[2]
Tringa erythropus (Spotted Redshank)[2]
Tringa nebularia (Common Greenshank)[2]
Tringa totanus (Common Redshank)[2]
Zoarces viviparus (viviporous blenny)[2]



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