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Helicteres isora

Synonyms: Helicteres chrysocalyx; Helicteres grewiifolia; Helicteres macrophylla; Helicteres roxburghii; Isora corylifolia

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Helicteres isora, sometimes called the Indian screw tree, is a species of small tree or large shrub found in Asia including Indian Subcontinent, South China, Malay Peninsula, Java and Saudi Arabia. Also, found in Australia. The red flowers are pollinated mainly by birds of the sunbird family. It possesses an impressive range of nutritional and medicinal properties. Fibres from the bark are used to make rope. They are also visited by many butterflies and hymenoptera.
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Axis axis (chital)[1]
Bos frontalis gaurus (gaur)[2]
Cerococcus indicus (yellow cotton scale)[3]
Elephas maximus (Asiatic Elephant)[4]
Rusa unicolor (sambar)[1]
Turdoides striata (Bengal jungle babbler)[5]



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