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The Juglandaceae are a family, known as the walnut family, of trees, or sometimes shrubs, in the order Fagales. Various members of this family are native to the Americas, Eurasia, and Southeast Asia.Members of the walnut family have large, aromatic leaves that are usually alternate, but opposite in Alfaroa and Oreomunnea. The leaves are pinnately compound or ternate, and usually 20–100 cm long. The trees are wind-pollinated, and the flowers are usually arranged in catkins.
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Alfaroa (5)
Annamocarya (1)   (1)
Carya (hickory) (28)
Cyclocarya (1)
Engelhardia (11)
Juglans (walnut) (29)   (2)
Oreomunnea (3)   (1)
Platycarya (2)
Pterocarya (pterocarya) (6)
Rhoiptelea (1)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count


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