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Ardisia (coralberry or marlberry) is a genus of flowering plants in the family Primulaceae. It was in the former Myrsinaceae family now recognised as the myrsine sub-family Myrsinoideae. They are distributed in the Americas, Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Islands, mainly in the tropics. There are 400 to 500 species.These are trees, shrubs, and subshrubs. Most have alternately arranged leaves. Flowers are borne in many forms of inflorescence.
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Ardisia aciphylla
Ardisia adenopes
Ardisia affinis
Ardisia aguirreana
Ardisia alabastro-alata
Ardisia alajuelae
Ardisia alata
Ardisia albisepala
Ardisia albomaculata
Ardisia albovirens
Ardisia alutacea
Ardisia alverezii
Ardisia alyxiifolia
Ardisia amabilis
Ardisia amanuensis
Ardisia amboinensis
Ardisia amherstiana
Ardisia amplexicaulis (Endangered)
Ardisia anaclasta
Ardisia anchicayana
Ardisia andamanica
Ardisia angucianensis
Ardisia angustata
Ardisia angustissima
Ardisia annamensis
Ardisia apoda
Ardisia applanata
Ardisia aprica
Ardisia apsidata
Ardisia arborea
Ardisia arcuata
Ardisia argentea
Ardisia artemata
Ardisia asymmetrica
Ardisia atrobullata
Ardisia atropurpurea
Ardisia atrovirens
Ardisia attenuata
Ardisia auriculata
Ardisia awarum
Ardisia bakeri
Ardisia balansana
Ardisia bambusetorum
Ardisia bamendae
Ardisia bampsiana
Ardisia banaensis
Ardisia banghamii
Ardisia baotingensis
Ardisia baracoensis
Ardisia barnesii
Ardisia bartlettii
Ardisia basilanensis
Ardisia bastonalensis
Ardisia batangaensis
Ardisia baviensis
Ardisia beccariana
Ardisia belaitensis
Ardisia belingaensis
Ardisia betongensis
Ardisia bifaria
Ardisia biflora
Ardisia biniflora
Ardisia bisumbellata
Ardisia blatteri (Endangered)
Ardisia blepharodes
Ardisia borneensis
Ardisia botryosa
Ardisia brachypoda
Ardisia brachythyrsa
Ardisia brackenridgei
Ardisia bracteata
Ardisia bracteosa
Ardisia bractescens
Ardisia brandisiana
Ardisia brassiella
Ardisia brassii
Ardisia breedlovei
Ardisia brenesii
Ardisia brevicaulis
Ardisia brevipedata
Ardisia brevipetiolata
Ardisia breviramea
Ardisia brevis
Ardisia brittonii (Endangered)
Ardisia brunnescens
Ardisia buesgenii
Ardisia byrsonimae (Critically Endangered)
Ardisia cabrerae
Ardisia cadieri
Ardisia calavitensis
Ardisia caloneura
Ardisia calophylla
Ardisia calophylloides
Ardisia cameronensis
Ardisia capillipes
Ardisia capitellata
Ardisia capuronii
Ardisia cardenasii
Ardisia cardiophylla
Ardisia carnea
Ardisia carnosicaulis
Ardisia cartagoana
Ardisia castaneifolia
Ardisia catharinensis
Ardisia caudata
Ardisia caudifera
Ardisia caudiferoides
Ardisia celebica
Ardisia chevalieri
Ardisia chinensis
Ardisia chocoana
Ardisia chrysophyllifolia
Ardisia clemensii
Ardisia coarcta
Ardisia cockburniana
Ardisia cogolloi
Ardisia colombiana
Ardisia colonensis (Endangered)
Ardisia coloradoana
Ardisia comosa
Ardisia compressa (Attributes)
Ardisia confertiflora
Ardisia confusa
Ardisia congesta
Ardisia congestiflora
Ardisia conglomerata
Ardisia conoidea
Ardisia conraui
Ardisia conspersa
Ardisia cookii
Ardisia copelandii
Ardisia copeyana
Ardisia cordulata
Ardisia cornudentata
Ardisia corymbifera
Ardisia costaricensis (Endangered)
Ardisia crassa
Ardisia crasseovata
Ardisia crassipedicellata
Ardisia crassipes
Ardisia crassiramea
Ardisia crassiuscula
Ardisia creaghii
Ardisia crenata (coral ardisia) (Invasive) (Attributes)
Ardisia crispa
Ardisia croatii
Ardisia crotonifolia
Ardisia cumingiana
Ardisia cuneata
Ardisia curranii
Ardisia curtiflora
Ardisia curtipes
Ardisia curvistyla
Ardisia curvula
Ardisia cuspidata
Ardisia cymosa
Ardisia daphinifolia
Ardisia darienensis
Ardisia darlingii
Ardisia dasyneura
Ardisia dasyrhizomatica
Ardisia dawnaea
Ardisia decurviflora
Ardisia dekinderi
Ardisia demissa
Ardisia denhamioides
Ardisia denigrata
Ardisia densilepidotula (Attributes)
Ardisia densipunctata
Ardisia dentata
Ardisia denticulata
Ardisia devogelii
Ardisia devredii
Ardisia dewildei
Ardisia dewitiana
Ardisia dictyoneura
Ardisia didymopora
Ardisia diffusa
Ardisia divergens
Ardisia diversifolia
Ardisia diversilimba
Ardisia dodgei
Ardisia doeringiana
Ardisia dolichocalyx
Ardisia dom
Ardisia dukei (Endangered)
Ardisia dumicola
Ardisia dunlapiana
Ardisia dwyeri
Ardisia ebo
Ardisia ebolowensis
Ardisia eglandulosa
Ardisia elliptica (Shoebutton ardisia) (Invasive) (Attributes)
Ardisia elmeri
Ardisia elocellata
Ardisia ensifolia
Ardisia escallonioides (island marlberry) (Attributes)
Ardisia escuintlensis
Ardisia etindensis (Critically Endangered)
Ardisia eucuneata
Ardisia evrardii
Ardisia faberi
Ardisia fasciculata
Ardisia fasciculiflora
Ardisia fendleri
Ardisia ferox
Ardisia ferrugineopilosa
Ardisia ficifolia
Ardisia filiformis
Ardisia filipendula
Ardisia filipes
Ardisia fimbriata
Ardisia fimbrillifera
Ardisia flavida
Ardisia fletcheri
Ardisia florida
Ardisia foetida
Ardisia foliosa
Ardisia folsomii
Ardisia forbesii
Ardisia fordii
Ardisia fortis
Ardisia fruticosa
Ardisia fuertesii
Ardisia fuliginosa
Ardisia fulva
Ardisia furfuracea
Ardisia furfuracella
Ardisia furva
Ardisia gambleana
Ardisia gamblei
Ardisia garcinifolia
Ardisia gardneri
Ardisia garubahaya
Ardisia geissanthoides
Ardisia generalensis
Ardisia geniculata
Ardisia gigantea
Ardisia gigantifolia
Ardisia gjellerupii
Ardisia glanduligera
Ardisia glandulosomarginata
Ardisia glauciflora (ausubon) (Attributes)
Ardisia glomerata (Endangered)
Ardisia glomeriflora
Ardisia goodenoughii
Ardisia gordonii
Ardisia gorgonae
Ardisia gracilenta
Ardisia graciliflora
Ardisia gracillima
Ardisia granatensis
Ardisia grandifolia
Ardisia griffithii
Ardisia grisebachiana
Ardisia guancheana
Ardisia guianensis
Ardisia hagenii
Ardisia hallei
Ardisia hammelii
Ardisia hanceana
Ardisia handroi
Ardisia harmandii
Ardisia helferiana
Ardisia herrerana
Ardisia heterotricha
Ardisia hintonii
Ardisia hokouensis
Ardisia hosei
Ardisia huallagae
Ardisia hugonensis
Ardisia hulletii
Ardisia humilis (Low shoebutton)
Ardisia hyalina
Ardisia hylandii
Ardisia hymenandroides
Ardisia hypargyrea
Ardisia icara
Ardisia illicioides
Ardisia ilocana
Ardisia imperialis
Ardisia impressa
Ardisia insignis
Ardisia integra
Ardisia interjacens
Ardisia involucrata
Ardisia ionantha
Ardisia irasuensis
Ardisia iwahigensis
Ardisia ixorifolia
Ardisia jamaicensis
Ardisia japonica
Ardisia javanica
Ardisia jefeana
Ardisia junghuhniana
Ardisia kachinensis
Ardisia kainantuensis
Ardisia kajumarina
Ardisia keenanii
Ardisia keithleyi
Ardisia kennedyae
Ardisia kerrii
Ardisia khasiana
Ardisia killipii
Ardisia kivuensis
Ardisia knappiae
Ardisia korthalsiana
Ardisia kostermansii
Ardisia koupensis (Endangered)
Ardisia kunstleri
Ardisia kurzii
Ardisia labisiaefolia
Ardisia laciniata
Ardisia laevigata
Ardisia lamdongensis
Ardisia lammersiana
Ardisia lancifolia
Ardisia lankaensis
Ardisia lankawiensis
Ardisia lauracea
Ardisia lauriformis
Ardisia lauterbachii
Ardisia laxa
Ardisia laxiflora
Ardisia lecomtei
Ardisia ledermannii
Ardisia lepidotula
Ardisia leptalea
Ardisia letestui
Ardisia lethomasiae
Ardisia letouzeyi
Ardisia leuserensis
Ardisia leytensis
Ardisia liebmannii
Ardisia liesneri
Ardisia lindleyana
Ardisia lingula
Ardisia lisowskii
Ardisia livida
Ardisia loheri
Ardisia longicaudata
Ardisia longipedicellata
Ardisia longipetiolata
Ardisia loretensis
Ardisia loureiroana
Ardisia lucida
Ardisia lucidula
Ardisia lundelliana
Ardisia luquillensis (mountain marlberry) (Attributes)
Ardisia lurida
Ardisia lustrata
Ardisia macgregorii
Ardisia maclurei
Ardisia macrocalyx
Ardisia macrocarpa
Ardisia macrophylla
Ardisia macrosepala
Ardisia maculosa
Ardisia maehongsonia
Ardisia maestrensis
Ardisia magdalenae
Ardisia magnifica
Ardisia malipoensis
Ardisia malouiana
Ardisia mameyensis
Ardisia mamillata
Ardisia manglillo
Ardisia manitzii
Ardisia marcellanum (Critically Endangered)
Ardisia marginata
Ardisia marojejyensis
Ardisia mawaiensis
Ardisia maxima
Ardisia maxonii
Ardisia mayumbensis
Ardisia mcphersonii
Ardisia megalocarpa
Ardisia meghalayensis
Ardisia megistophylla
Ardisia megistosepala
Ardisia meijeri
Ardisia melastomoides
Ardisia meonobotrys
Ardisia merjimah
Ardisia merrillii
Ardisia mexicana
Ardisia meziana
Ardisia mezii
Ardisia micranthera
Ardisia microcarpa
Ardisia microsoropsis
Ardisia mildbraedii
Ardisia milneensis
Ardisia mindanaensis
Ardisia minor
Ardisia minutiflora
Ardisia miqueliana
Ardisia mirabilis
Ardisia mirandae
Ardisia missionis
Ardisia mjoebergii
Ardisia mogotensis
Ardisia monilipila
Ardisia monsalveae
Ardisia montana
Ardisia monticola
Ardisia moonii
Ardisia morobeensis
Ardisia morotaiensis
Ardisia multipunctata
Ardisia muluensis
Ardisia murtonii
Ardisia myriosticta
Ardisia myrsinoides
Ardisia nagelii
Ardisia nana
Ardisia neglecta
Ardisia nervosa
Ardisia nervosissima
Ardisia nevermannii
Ardisia nhatrangensis
Ardisia niambiensis
Ardisia nigrescens
Ardisia nigrita
Ardisia nigromaculata
Ardisia nigropilosa
Ardisia nigropunctata
Ardisia nigrovirens
Ardisia novitensis
Ardisia nurii
Ardisia obovata (Guadeloupe marlberry) (Attributes)
Ardisia obovatifolia
Ardisia obscurinervia
Ardisia obtusa
Ardisia odontophylla
Ardisia olivacea
Ardisia omalocarpa
Ardisia omissa
Ardisia oocarpa
Ardisia opaca
Ardisia opegrapha
Ardisia ophirensis
Ardisia ordinata
Ardisia oreophila
Ardisia ototomoensis
Ardisia oxyphylla
Ardisia pachyrrhachis
Ardisia pachyrrhahis <Unverified Name>
Ardisia pachysandra
Ardisia palawanensis
Ardisia pallidiflora
Ardisia palmana (Endangered)
Ardisia palustris
Ardisia panamensis
Ardisia paniculata
Ardisia panurensis
Ardisia paradoxa
Ardisia parviflora
Ardisia paschalis
Ardisia pauciflora
Ardisia paupera
Ardisia pedalis
Ardisia pedunculata
Ardisia pedunculosa
Ardisia pellucida
Ardisia pentaglossa
Ardisia perinsignis
Ardisia perissa
Ardisia perreticulata
Ardisia perrottetiana
Ardisia petelotii
Ardisia petila
Ardisia petocalyx
Ardisia phaeoneura
Ardisia picardae
Ardisia pichinchana
Ardisia pierreana
Ardisia pilosa
Ardisia pingbienensis
Ardisia pitardii
Ardisia pleurobotrya
Ardisia pluvialis
Ardisia poilanei
Ardisia polyactis
Ardisia polyadenia
Ardisia polycephala
Ardisia polygama
Ardisia polylepis
Ardisia polysticta
Ardisia popayanensis
Ardisia poranthera
Ardisia porifera
Ardisia porosa
Ardisia praetervisa
Ardisia premnifolia
Ardisia premontana
Ardisia primulifolia
Ardisia prionota
Ardisia procera
Ardisia prolifera
Ardisia prunifolia
Ardisia pseudocuspidata
Ardisia pseudoracemiflora
Ardisia psychotriiphylla
Ardisia pterocaulis
Ardisia puberula
Ardisia pubicalyx
Ardisia pubivenula
Ardisia pulchella
Ardisia pulchra
Ardisia pulverulenta (Blossomberry Grape)
Ardisia pulvinulata
Ardisia punicea
Ardisia purpurea
Ardisia purpureovillosa
Ardisia purseglovei
Ardisia pusilla
Ardisia pustulata
Ardisia pygmaea
Ardisia pyramidalis
Ardisia pyrsocoma
Ardisia quangnamensis
Ardisia quinquangularis
Ardisia quinquegona
Ardisia racemibunda
Ardisia racemigera
Ardisia racemosopaniculata
Ardisia ramondiiformis
Ardisia rapaneifolia
Ardisia rarescens
Ardisia ravida
Ardisia recliniflora
Ardisia recurvata
Ardisia replicata
Ardisia retinervia
Ardisia retroflexa
Ardisia revoluta
Ardisia reynosoi
Ardisia rhodochroa
Ardisia rhomboidea
Ardisia rhynchophylla
Ardisia ridleyi
Ardisia ridsdalei
Ardisia rigida
Ardisia rigidifolia (Endangered)
Ardisia rivularis
Ardisia romanii
Ardisia rosea
Ardisia roseiflora
Ardisia rubescens
Ardisia rubicunda
Ardisia rubiginosa
Ardisia rubricaulis
Ardisia rubroglandulosa
Ardisia rudis
Ardisia ruedae
Ardisia russellii
Ardisia ruthiae
Ardisia sadebeckiana
Ardisia sadirioides
Ardisia sagoensis
Ardisia saligna
Ardisia samarensis
Ardisia sanguinolenta
Ardisia sanmartensis
Ardisia sapida
Ardisia sarawakensis
Ardisia sauraujifolia
Ardisia scabrida
Ardisia scalarinervis
Ardisia scalaris
Ardisia scheryi (Endangered)
Ardisia schippii
Ardisia schlechteri (Critically Endangered)
Ardisia schultzei
Ardisia scoparia
Ardisia scortechinii
Ardisia serrata
Ardisia sessilifolia
Ardisia sessilis
Ardisia shweliensis
Ardisia sicula
Ardisia sideromalla
Ardisia sieboldii
Ardisia sigillata
Ardisia silvestris
Ardisia singularis
Ardisia sinuata
Ardisia smaragdina
Ardisia smaragdinoides
Ardisia smurfitana
Ardisia solida
Ardisia sonchifolia (Endangered)
Ardisia sorogensis
Ardisia spanoghei
Ardisia sphenobasis
Ardisia spiciformis
Ardisia spilota
Ardisia splendens
Ardisia squamulosa
Ardisia squarrosa
Ardisia staudtii
Ardisia stichantha
Ardisia stipitata
Ardisia stonei
Ardisia storkii
Ardisia subcrenulata
Ardisia sublepidota
Ardisia suboppositifolia
Ardisia subpilosa
Ardisia subsessilifolia
Ardisia subtilis
Ardisia subverticillata
Ardisia sulcata
Ardisia sumatrana
Ardisia symplocifolia
Ardisia tahanica
Ardisia talamancensis
Ardisia tanycardia
Ardisia tarariae
Ardisia tayabensis
Ardisia taytayensis
Ardisia tenuicaulis
Ardisia tenuis
Ardisia ternatensis
Ardisia tetramera
Ardisia tetrasepala
Ardisia teysmanniana
Ardisia theifolia
Ardisia thomsonii
Ardisia thyrsiflora
Ardisia tilaranensis
Ardisia tinctoria
Ardisia tinifolia (Attributes)
Ardisia tomentosa
Ardisia torsiva
Ardisia tortuguerensis
Ardisia translucida
Ardisia trichogyne
Ardisia tristis
Ardisia tuberculata
Ardisia tuerckheimii
Ardisia tumida
Ardisia turbinata
Ardisia tysonii
Ardisia undulatodentata
Ardisia unguiensis
Ardisia uniflora
Ardisia urbanii
Ardisia uregaensis
Ardisia ursina
Ardisia vaughanii
Ardisia velutina
Ardisia venosa
Ardisia venulosa
Ardisia venusta
Ardisia verapazensis
Ardisia verbascifolia
Ardisia verdisepala
Ardisia vernicosa
Ardisia vesca
Ardisia viburnifolia
Ardisia vidalii
Ardisia vietnamensis
Ardisia villosa
Ardisia viminea
Ardisia violacea
Ardisia waitakii
Ardisia walkeri
Ardisia warburgiana
Ardisia weberbaueri
Ardisia websteri
Ardisia wedelii
Ardisia wightiana
Ardisia willisii
Ardisia yatesii
Ardisia zambalensis
Ardisia zenkeri
Ardisia zeylanica


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