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Viola mandshurica

Synonyms: Viola albida subsp. marginata; Viola alsioviana f. intermedia; Viola chinensis var. media; Viola chinensis var. transitica; Viola hsinganensis; Viola mandshurica f. albiflora; Viola mandshurica f. albiikedaeana; Viola mandshurica f. ciliata; Viola mandshurica f. glabra; Viola mandshurica f. macrantha; Viola mandshurica var. ciliata; Viola mandshurica var. glabra; Viola mandshurica var. glabripetala; Viola mandshurica var. media; Viola oblongosagittata f. ishizakii; Viola oldhamiana; Viola patrinii f. glabra; Viola patrinii var. gmeliniana; Viola patrinii var. macrantha; Viola philippica f. intermedia; Viola rhodosepala; Viola yedoensis f. intermedia

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Viola mandshurica is a perennial species of violet known by the common names dōng běi jǐn cài (zh:东北堇菜, meaning "northeastern violet," in China), jebikkot (ko:제비꽃, in Korea), and sumire (ja:菫, ja:スミレ in Japan, where V. mandshurica is considered the type species and other violet species have additional descriptors such as himesumire or nojisumire).
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Argynnis anadyomene[1]
Argyreus hyperbius[1]
Argyronome ruslana[1]
Boloria selene (Silver-bordered fritillary)[1]
Fabriciana nerippe[1]



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