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Synaptobothrium caudiporum

Synonyms: Lecithochirium caudiporum


Parasite of 
Arnoglossus laterna (Scald-fish)[1]
Arnoglossus rueppelii[1]
Bothus podas (Wide-eyed flounder)[1]
Chelidonichthys obscurus (Shining gurnard)[1]
Coilia mystus (Osbeck's grenadier anchovy)[1]
Coilia nasus (Japanese grenadier anchovy)[2]
Conger conger (Conger)[1]
Dasyatis pastinaca (Stingray)[1]
Gadus morhua (rock cod)[1]
Lepidotrigla faurei (Prickly gurnard)[1]
Lophius piscatorius (Monkfish)[1]
Sarda sarda (Stripe-backed pelamis)[1]
Scomber japonicus (Striped mackerel)[1]
Scomber scombrus (Split)[1]
Trachurus mediterraneus (Mediterranean scad)[1]
Zeus faber (European john dory)[2]



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