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Viola grypoceras

Synonyms: Viola acuminata; Viola canina var. japonica; Viola coreana; Viola grayi var. candida; Viola grayi var. glabra; Viola grypoceras f. albiflora; Viola grypoceras f. chionantha; Viola grypoceras var. barbata; Viola grypoceras var. hirsuta; Viola grypoceras var. imberbis; Viola grypoceras var. pubescens; Viola hideoi var. robustior; Viola hosoii; Viola leveillei; Viola longepedunculata; Viola sylvestris var. acaulis; Viola sylvestris var. grypoceras; Viola sylvestris var. imberbis; Viola sylvestris var. japonica; Viola wichurae



Argynnis anadyomene[1]
Argyreus hyperbius[1]
Argyronome ruslana[1]
Clossiana thore (Thor's Fritillary)[1]
Damora sagana[1]


Pollinated by 
Anthocharis cardamines (Orange Tip Butterfly)[1]
Bombylius major (Bee fly)[1]
Ceratina megastigmata[2]



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