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Ficus sagittata

Synonyms: Ficus adhaerens; Ficus compressicaulis; Ficus crininervia; Ficus lanoensis; Ficus leptocarpa var. adhaerens; Ficus leptocarpa var. borneensis; Ficus leptocarpa var. crassa; Ficus leptocarpa var. oligosperma; Ficus leptocarpa var. subglabra; Ficus leptocarpa var. timorensis; Ficus oligosperma; Ficus radicans; Ficus ramentacea; Ficus ramentosa; Ficus ramosii; Ficus rigescens; Ficus rubrocarpa; Ficus sagittata var. adhaerens; Ficus sagittata var. oligosperma; Ficus subrigida; Ficus tayabensis; Pogonotrophe rigida


Callosciurus melanogaster (Mentawai squirrel)[1]
Callosciurus notatus (plantain squirrel)[1]
Chloropsis cyanopogon (Lesser Green Leafbird)[1]
Iole olivacea (Buff-vented Bulbul)[1]
Megalaima chrysopogon (Golden-whiskered Barbet)[1]
Pongo pygmaeus (orangutan)[1]
Pycnonotus brunneus (Asian Red-eyed Bulbul)[1]
Pycnonotus goiavier (Yellow-vented Bulbul)[1]
Pycnonotus simplex (Cream-vented Bulbul)[1]


Parasitized by 
Wiebesia flava[2]



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