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Zabrus tenebrioides

Synonyms: Attelabus fossor; Blaps tenebrosus; Buprestis pigra; Carabus gibbosus; Carabus gibbus; Carabus madidus; Carabus tenebrioides; Scarites fossor; Zabrus ciscaucasicus; Zabrus cyprensis; Zabrus elongatus; Zabrus fossor; Zabrus gibbus; Zabrus hispanus; Zabrus laeviusculus; Zabrus longulus; Zabrus madidus; Zabrus marginatus; Zabrus obesus; Zabrus obscurus; Zabrus piger; Zabrus punctulatus; Zabrus rugulosus; Zabrus tenebrosus

Wikipedia Abstract

Zabrus tenebrioides is a species of black coloured ground beetle in the Pterostichinae subfamily that can be found everywhere in Europe and the Near East.
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Prey / Diet

Avena sativa (oats)[1]
Hordeum vulgare (cereal barley)[1]
Secale cereale (common rye)[1]
Triticum aestivum (common wheat)[1]
Zea mays (corn)[1]


Lanius collurio (Red-backed Shrike)[2]



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