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Anoplius viaticus

Synonyms: Anoplius fuscus; Anoplius fuscus atra; Anoplius fuscus fuscus; Anoplius fuscus immixtus; Anoplius fuscus masaiensis; Anoplius fuscus montivagus; Anoplius fuscus nigripennis; Anoplius fuscus tibialis; Anoplius fuscus vanutelli; Anoplius fuscus vumbui; Anoplius immixtus; Anoplius masaiensis; Anoplius nigripennis; Anoplius pleropicus; Anoplius tibialis; Anoplius valesiacus; Anoplius viaticus femoralis; Anoplius viaticus immixtus; Anoplius viaticus mongolopaganus; Anoplius viaticus nigripennis; Anoplius viaticus viaticus; Arachnospila esau tibialis; Ichneumon viaticus; Morochares nigripennis; Pepsis fusca; Pompilus delatorius; Pompilus fuscus; Pompilus immixtus; Pompilus masaiensis; Pompilus melanarius tibialis; Pompilus ogumae; Pompilus pleropicus; Pompilus propinguus; Pompilus propinquus; Pompilus subpetiolatus; Pompilus tibialis; Pompilus trigonocephalus; Pompilus trigonophatnus; Pompilus valesiacus; Pompilus valesicus; Pompilus vannutellii; Pompilus vanutelli; Pompilus viaticus; Pompilus viaticus femoralis; Pompilus viaticus nigripennis; Priocnemis fuscus; Psammochares fuscus; Psammochares fuscus nigripennis; Psammochares melanarius tibialis; Salius fuscus; Sphex fusca; Sphex viaticus

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Anoplius viaticus, commonly known as the black-banded spider wasp, is a species of spider wasp. These wasps are known as spider wasps because the females capture spiders to provide their offspring with food. The paralysed spider is cached in a burrow, the wasp lays an egg on it, and when this hatches, the developing wasp larva consumes the spider. This species is found in sandy heathland across most of Europe.
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Dasypogon diadema[1]



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