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Ardisia compressa

Synonyms: Ardisia aurantiaca; Ardisia belizensis; Ardisia capollina; Ardisia chahalana; Ardisia digitata; Ardisia edwardsii; Ardisia matagalpana; Ardisia multiflora; Ardisia nicaraguensis; Ardisia platyphylla; Ardisia polytoca; Ardisia reflexiflora; Ardisia salvadorensis; Ardisia whitei; Icacorea aurantiaca; Icacorea belizensis; Icacorea capollina; Icacorea chahalana; Icacorea compressa; Icacorea digitata; Icacorea edwardsii; Icacorea ixcanensis; Icacorea matagalpana; Icacorea nicaraguensis; Icacorea platyphylla; Icacorea reflexiflora; Icacorea salvadorensis; Icacorea samalana; Icacorea whitei; Tinus capollina; Tinus compressa; Tinus nicaraguensis


Fruit Color [1]  Black


Aulacorhynchus prasinus (Emerald Toucanet)[1]
Chiroxiphia linearis (Long-tailed Manakin)[1]
Pharomachrus mocinno costaricensis (Resplendent quetzal)[2]



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