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Plantago major (Greater plantain; Common plantain)

Synonyms: Plantago adriatica; Plantago altissima; Plantago angustata; Plantago borysthenica; Plantago bracteata; Plantago crenata; Plantago dentata; Plantago dregeana; Plantago exaltata; Plantago filiformis; Plantago gigas; Plantago gouani; Plantago humifusa; Plantago jehohlensis; Plantago latifolia; Plantago limosa; Plantago longiscapa; Plantago lutulenta; Plantago macro-nipponica; Plantago major f. nervata; Plantago major subsp. sinuata; Plantago major var. borysthenica; Plantago major var. gigas; Plantago major var. jehohlensis; Plantago major var. kimurae; Plantago major var. pilgeri; Plantago major var. sawadai; Plantago maxima; Plantago minima; Plantago minor; Plantago nana; Plantago officinarum; Plantago pauciflora; Plantago polystachia; Plantago quinquenervis; Plantago rocae; Plantago sawadai; Plantago sinuata; Plantago stylosa; Plantago subsinuata; Plantago tabernaemontani; Plantago villifera

Wikipedia Abstract

Plantago major (broadleaf plantain or greater plantain) is a species of plantago, family Plantaginaceae. The plant is native to most of Europe and northern and central Asia, but has widely naturalised elsewhere in the world.Plantago major is one of the most abundant and widely distributed medicinal crops in the world. A poultice of the leaves can be applied to wounds, stings, and sores in order to facilitate healing and prevent infection.
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Anas penelope (Eurasian Wigeon)[1]
Brachycaudus helichrysi (Leafcurl plum aphid)[1]
Callipepla californica (Californian Quail)[1]
Cynthia cardui[1]
Hypolimnas misippus (The mimic)[1]
Junonia almana (Peacock Pansy)[1]
Junonia coenia (Buckeye)[1]
Junonia villida (Meadow Argus)[1]
Melitaea cinxia (Glanville Fritillary)[1]
Melitaea diamina (False Heath Fritillary)[1]
Mellicta athalia[1]
Phomopsis subordinaria[1]
Phytomyza plantaginis[1]


Pollinated by 
Andrena salictaria[1]
Ashmeadiella bucconis[1]
Elasmus nigripes[1]
Harrisina americana (Grapeleaf Skeletonizer)[1]
Limnophora narona[1]
Lydina polidoides[1]
Lygaeus turcicus[1]
Melanostoma mellinum[1]
Melanostoma scalare[1]
Mordellistena ornata[1]
Onthophagus pennsylvanicus[1]
Pyractomena angulata (Angulate firefly)[1]
Spallanzania hesperidarum[1]
Triepeolus donatus[1]
Valgus canaliculatus[1]
Zaira georgiae[1]


Parasitized by 
Golovinomyces sordidus[1]
Phomopsis subordinaria[1]



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