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Viola cucullata (Marsh blue violet)

Synonyms: Viola asarifolia; Viola barbata; Viola caricetorum; Viola ciliata; Viola cordata; Viola cucullata var. leptosepala; Viola cucullata var. macrotis; Viola cucullata var. microtitis; Viola dicksonii; Viola leptosepala; Viola macrotis; Viola resupinata

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Viola cucullata, the hooded blue violet, marsh blue violet or purple violet, is a species of the genus Viola native to eastern North America, from Newfoundland west to Ontario and Minnesota, and south to Georgia.
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Speyeria diana (Diana Fritillary)[1]


Pollinated by 
Andrena carlini (Mining bee)[1]
Anthemurgus passiflorae (passionflower bee)[1]
Astata bicolor[1]
Clusia lateralis[1]
Coelioxys rufitarsis[1]
Exoprosopa fasciata[1]
Florilegus condignus[1]
Gambrus apicatus[1]
Limnophora narona[1]
Pontia protodice (Checkered White)[1]
Spallanzania hesperidarum[1]
Typocerus sinuatus[1]
Urosigalphus femoratus[1]
Zethus spinipes[1]



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