Plantae > Tracheophyta > Magnoliopsida > Rosales > Moraceae > Ficus > Ficus luschnathiana

Ficus luschnathiana

Synonyms: Ficus diabolica; Ficus diabolica f. laurina; Ficus diabolica f. maior; Ficus diabolica f. minor; Ficus horquetensis; Ficus ibapohi; Ficus speciosa; Urostigma luschnathianum


Alouatta caraya (black howler monkey)[1]
Amazona aestiva (Turquoise-fronted Amazon)[2]
Artibeus lituratus (great fruit-eating bat)[1]
Brotogeris chiriri (Yellow-chevroned Parakeet)[3]
Caluromys lanatus (Brown-eared Woolly Opossum)[4]
Dacnis cayana (Blue Dacnis)[1]
Euphonia chlorotica (Purple-throated Euphonia)[1]
Forpus xanthopterygius (Blue-winged Parrotlet)[1]
Megarynchus pitangua (Boat-billed Flycatcher)[1]
Myiopsitta monachus (Monk Parakeet)[2]
Pitangus sulphuratus (Great Kiskadee)[1]
Platyrrhinus lineatus (white-lined broad-nosed bat)[1]
Ramphocelus carbo (Silver-beaked Tanager)[1]
Sapajus apella (brown capuchin)[1]
Sturnira lilium (little yellow-shouldered bat)[1]
Tangara cayana (Burnished-buff Tanager)[1]
Thraupis sayaca (Sayaca Tanager)[1]
Turdus leucomelas (Pale-breasted Thrush)[1]
Tyrannus dominicensis (Grey Kingbird)[1]
Vireo olivaceus (Red-eyed Vireo)[1]



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