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Juglans mandshurica

Synonyms: Juglans ailanthoides var. cordiformis; Juglans cathayensis; Juglans cathayensis var. formosana; Juglans collapsa; Juglans cordiformis; Juglans draconis; Juglans draconis var. formosana; Juglans formosana; Juglans mandshurica f. stenocarpa; Juglans mandshurica var. sieboldiana; Juglans mandshurica var. stenocarpa; Juglans sieboldiana; Juglans stenocarpa

Wikipedia Abstract

Juglans mandshurica, the Manchurian walnut, is a deciduous tree of the genus Juglans (section Cardiocaryon), native to the Eastern Asiatic Region (China, Russian Far East, North Korea and South Korea). It grows to about 25 m. The leaves are alternate, 40–90 cm long, odd-pinnate, with 7–19 leaflets, 6–17 cm long and 2–7.5 cm broad (margin serrate or serrulate, apex acuminate).
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