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Carya ovalis (Red Hickory)

Synonyms: Carya glabra subsp. odorata; Carya glabra var. odorata; Carya ovalis var. mollis; Carya ovalis var. odorata; Hicorius odorata; Hicorius odoratus; Hicorius ovalis

Wikipedia Abstract

Carya ovalis, the red hickory or sweet pignut hickory, is a fairly uncommon but widespread hickory native to eastern North America. It is typically found growing in dry, well drained sandy upland ridges and sloped woodlands from southern Ontario, Canada, and in the United States east to New Hampshire, south to northern Florida west to eastern Texas and north-west to Nebraska. This species was formerly treated as a variety or northern ecotype of the pignut hickory C. glabra, described as Carya glabra var. odorata. This discrepancy has not yet been completely resolved, and some sources and authors still consider red hickory as a variety or synonym of pignut hickory. However both trees are quite morphologically distinct.
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