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Pometia pinnata (taun tree)

Synonyms: Dabanus acuminatus; Dabanus pinnatus; Dubanus acuminatus; Euphoria pinnata; Euphoria pometia; Irina alnifolia; Irina glabra; Nephelium acuminatum; Nephelium pinnatum; Ornitrophe pinnata; Pometia acuminata; Pometia alnifolia; Pometia coriacea; Pometia glabra; Pometia macrocarpa; Pometia pinnata f. glabra; Prostea pinnata; Schmidelia pinnata

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Pometia pinnata is a large tropical hardwood and fruit tree species, with common names including matoa, taun tree, island lychee, tava, and of the plant family Sapindaceae (maple and lychee family). Naturally widespread, the trees grow through south east Asia, Malesia and the Pacific region. They grow up to tall canopy trees of 40 m (130 ft) tall.
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Janka Hardness [1]  1460 lbf (662 kgf) Medium
Specific Gravity [2]  0.57


Aceros waldeni (Walden's Hornbill)[3]
Ceroplastes ceriferus (Indian wax scale)[4]
Ceroplastes pseudoceriferus (Indian wax scale)[4]
Coccus longulus (long brown scale)[4]
Ducula pacifica (Pacific Imperial Pigeon)[5]
Lepidosaphes pometiae[4]
Milviscutulus mangiferae (mango shield scale)[4]
Penelopides panini (Tarictic Hornbill)[3]
Planococcus minor (Pacific mealybug)[4]
Presbytis potenziani (Mentawai leaf monkey)[6]
Pteropus samoensis (Samoa Flying Fox)[7]
Pteropus tonganus (Pacific flying fox)[8]
Pulvinaria psidii (green shield scale)[4]
Saissetia vivipara[4]
Vini ultramarina (Ultramarine Lorikeet)[9]



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