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Cinnamomum yabunikkei

Synonyms: Camphora japonica; Cinnamomum acuminatifolium; Cinnamomum chekiangense; Cinnamomum chenii; Cinnamomum insulari-montanum; Cinnamomum japonicum; Cinnamomum japonicum f. pilosum; Cinnamomum japonicum f. tenuifolium; Cinnamomum japonicum var. chekiangense; Cinnamomum japonicum var. chenii; Cinnamomum kiamis; Cinnamomum macrostemon var. pseudoloureirii; Cinnamomum pedunculatum; Cinnamomum pedunculatum var. nervosum; Cinnamomum pedunculatum var. tenuifolium; Cinnamomum pseudoloureirii; Cinnamomum tenuifolium f. nervosum; Cinnamomum yabunikkei f. pilosum

Wikipedia Abstract

Cinnamomum pedunculatum, commonly known as Japanese Cinnamon, is an evergreen tree in the genus Cinnamomum. It is a small- or medium-sized tree up to 15 metres (49 ft) tall that occurs in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and eastern China (Anhui, Fujian, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, and Zhejiang provinces). In China it is under second-class national protection.
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Aulacaspis yabunikkei[1]
Ceroplastes rubens (pink wax scale)[1]
Diaonidia yabunikkei[1]
Lepidosaphes pinnaeformis (cymbidium scale)[1]



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