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Actinidia chinensis var. hispida (Chinese Gooseberry; Kiwifruit)

Synonyms: Actinidia chinensis f. chlorocarpa; Actinidia chinensis f. longipila; Actinidia chinensis var. deliciosa; Actinidia deliciosa; Actinidia deliciosa var. chlorocarpa; Actinidia deliciosa var. coloris; Actinidia deliciosa var. longipila; Actinidia latifolia var. deliciosa

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Actinidia deliciosa, Fuzzy Kiwifruit or mangüeyo is a fruiting vine native to southern China, the fruit of which has been declared the national fruit of that country. Other species of Actinidia are also found in China and range east to Japan and north into southeastern Siberia. This species grows naturally at altitudes between 600 and 2,000 m.
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Amphipsalta zelandica (chorus cicada)[1]
Anastrepha fraterculus (South American fruit fly)[2]
Ceroplastes destructor (soft wax scale)[3]
Ctenopseustis obliquana[1]
Epalxiphora axenana[1]
Epiphyas postvittana (Light brown apple moth)[1]
Liothula omnivora[1]
Phenacoccus parvus[3]
Planotortrix excessana (Greenheaded leafroller)[1]
Planotortrix notophaea[1]
Stathmopoda skelloni[1]
Tuckerella flabellifera[1]



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