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Equus przewalskii (Przewalski's horse)

Synonyms: Equus caballus przewalskii; Equus ferus przewalskii

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Przewalski's horse (pronounced /ʃɨˈvælski/ shə-VAL-skee or /zɨˈvɑːlski/ zə-VAHL-skee; Khalkha Mongolian: тахь, takhi; Ak Kaba Tuvan: [daɣə//daɢə] dagy; Polish: [pʂɛˈvalskʲi]; Equus ferus przewalskii) or Dzungarian horse, is a rare and endangered subspecies of wild horse (Equus ferus) native to the steppes of central Asia.
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Adult Weight [1]  551.16 lbs (250.00 kg)
Diet [1]  Herbivore
Gestation [1]  11 months



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