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Echinopsis is a large genus of cacti native to South America, sometimes known as hedgehog cactus, sea-urchin cactus or Easter lily cactus. One small species, E. chamaecereus, is known as the peanut cactus. The 128 species range from large and treelike types to small globose cacti. The name derives from echinos hedgehog or sea urchin, and opsis appearance, a reference to these plants' dense coverings of spines.
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Echinopsis albispinosa
Echinopsis ancistrophora
Echinopsis angelesiae (Endangered)
Echinopsis arachnacantha
Echinopsis arboricola
Echinopsis atacamensis
Echinopsis aurea
Echinopsis ayopayana
Echinopsis backebergii
Echinopsis bolligeriana (Endangered)
Echinopsis breviflora
Echinopsis bridgesii
Echinopsis cabrerae
Echinopsis caineana
Echinopsis calochlora
Echinopsis calorubra
Echinopsis camarguensis
Echinopsis candicans
Echinopsis caulescens (Endangered)
Echinopsis chamaecereus
Echinopsis chiloensis
Echinopsis chrysantha
Echinopsis chrysochete
Echinopsis cinnabarina
Echinopsis clavata
Echinopsis coquimbana (Endangered)
Echinopsis cuzcoensis
Echinopsis densispina
Echinopsis deserticola
Echinopsis famatimensis
Echinopsis ferox
Echinopsis formosa
Echinopsis glauca
Echinopsis haematantha
Echinopsis hahniana
Echinopsis hertrichiana (Endangered)
Echinopsis huascha
Echinopsis jajoana
Echinopsis lageniformis
Echinopsis lateritia
Echinopsis latiflora <Unverified Name>
Echinopsis leucantha
Echinopsis mamillosa
Echinopsis marsoneri
Echinopsis maximiliana
Echinopsis mirabilis
Echinopsis obrepanda
Echinopsis oligotricha (Endangered)
Echinopsis oxygona
Echinopsis pachanoi (San Pedro cactus)
Echinopsis pampana (Endangered)
Echinopsis pampariuzii
Echinopsis pentlandii
Echinopsis peruviana (Peruvian Torch cactus)
Echinopsis pugionacantha
Echinopsis quadratiumbonata
Echinopsis rhodotricha
Echinopsis rojasii
Echinopsis rowleyi
Echinopsis saltensis
Echinopsis schickendantzii
Echinopsis schieliana
Echinopsis spiniflora
Echinopsis stilowiana
Echinopsis strigosa
Echinopsis tacaquirensis
Echinopsis tarijensis
Echinopsis tegeleriana
Echinopsis terscheckii (cardon grande cactus)
Echinopsis thelegona
Echinopsis thelegonoides
Echinopsis thionantha
Echinopsis tiegeliana
Echinopsis tunariensis
Echinopsis vasquezii
Echinopsis volliana
Echinopsis walteri (Critically Endangered)
Echinopsis werdermanniana
Echinopsis yuquina


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