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Senegalia is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family, Fabaceae. It belongs to the subfamily Mimosoideae. Until 2005, its species were considered members of Acacia. The genus is still considered polyphyletic and will require further division.
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Senegalia adenocalyx (Attributes)
Senegalia albizioides (Climbing Wattle) (Attributes)
Senegalia alemquerensis (Attributes)
Senegalia altiscandens (Attributes)
Senegalia amazonica (Attributes)
Senegalia amorimii
Senegalia andamanica (Attributes)
Senegalia andongensis
Senegalia angico
Senegalia anisophylla
Senegalia ankokib (Attributes)
Senegalia aristeguietana
Senegalia asak (Attributes)
Senegalia ataxacantha (Attributes)
Senegalia bahiensis (Attributes)
Senegalia baronii (Attributes)
Senegalia berlandieri (berlandier acacia) (Attributes)
Senegalia bonariensis (Una de gato) (Attributes)
Senegalia borneensis (Attributes)
Senegalia brevispica (Attributes)
Senegalia burkei (Attributes)
Senegalia caesia (Attributes)
Senegalia caffra (Attributes)
Senegalia caraniana (Attributes)
Senegalia catechu (black cutch) (Attributes)
Senegalia catharinensis (Attributes)
Senegalia chariessa (Attributes)
Senegalia cheilanthifolia (Attributes)
Senegalia chundra
Senegalia ciliolata (Attributes)
Senegalia circummarginata
Senegalia comosa (Attributes)
Senegalia condyloclada (Attributes)
Senegalia crassifolia
Senegalia croatii
Senegalia delavayi (Attributes)
Senegalia densispina (Attributes)
Senegalia diadenia (Attributes)
Senegalia donaldii (Attributes)
Senegalia donnaiensis (Attributes)
Senegalia dudgeonii
Senegalia ebingeri
Senegalia emilioana
Senegalia emoryana
Senegalia eriocarpa (Attributes)
Senegalia erubescens (Attributes)
Senegalia erythrocalyx (Attributes)
Senegalia etilis (Attributes)
Senegalia feddeana (Attributes)
Senegalia ferruginea (Velvelam) (Attributes)
Senegalia fiebrigii
Senegalia flagellaris (Attributes)
Senegalia fleckii (Attributes)
Senegalia fumosa
Senegalia gageana (Attributes)
Senegalia galpinii (Monkey-thorn) (Attributes)
Senegalia gaumeri (Attributes)
Senegalia giganticarpa
Senegalia gilliesii
Senegalia globosa
Senegalia goetzei (Attributes)
Senegalia gourmaensis (Attributes)
Senegalia grandisiliqua (Tocino) (Attributes)
Senegalia grandistipula (Attributes)
Senegalia grazielae
Senegalia greggii (gregg catclaw) (Attributes)
Senegalia hamulosa (Attributes)
Senegalia harleyi
Senegalia hatschbachii
Senegalia hayesii (Attributes)
Senegalia hecatophylla (Attributes)
Senegalia hereroensis (Attributes)
Senegalia hildebrandtii (Attributes)
Senegalia hoehnei
Senegalia hohenackeri (Attributes)
Senegalia iguana
Senegalia incerta
Senegalia interior (Attributes)
Senegalia irwinii
Senegalia kallunkiae (Attributes)
Senegalia kamerunensis (Attributes)
Senegalia kekapur (Attributes)
Senegalia kelloggiana (Igarbabatilla De Espina Negra) (Attributes)
Senegalia klugii (Attributes)
Senegalia kostermansii (Attributes)
Senegalia kraussiana (Attributes)
Senegalia kuhlmannii (Attributes)
Senegalia lacerans (Attributes)
Senegalia laeta (Gay Acacia) (Attributes)
Senegalia langsdorfii (Attributes)
Senegalia lankaensis (Attributes)
Senegalia lasiophylla
Senegalia latistipulata (Attributes)
Senegalia lenticularis (Attributes)
Senegalia loretensis (Attributes)
Senegalia lotterii
Senegalia lowei
Senegalia lujae (Attributes)
Senegalia macbridei (Attributes)
Senegalia macilenta (Attributes)
Senegalia macrostachya (Attributes)
Senegalia magnibracteosa (Attributes)
Senegalia mahrana
Senegalia manubensis (Attributes)
Senegalia martii (Attributes)
Senegalia martiusiana (Attributes)
Senegalia maschalocephala (Tocino) (Attributes)
Senegalia mattogrossensis
Senegalia meeboldii (Attributes)
Senegalia megaladena (Attributes)
Senegalia mellifera (Blackthorn) (Attributes)
Senegalia menabeensis (Endangered) (Attributes)
Senegalia meridionalis
Senegalia merrillii (Attributes)
Senegalia micrantha (Attributes)
Senegalia miersii (Attributes)
Senegalia mikanii (Attributes)
Senegalia mirandae (Attributes)
Senegalia modesta (Attributes)
Senegalia moggii (Attributes)
Senegalia monacantha (Napinda Del Tio) (Attributes)
Senegalia montigena (Attributes)
Senegalia montis-usti (Brandberg Acacia) (Attributes)
Senegalia multipinnata
Senegalia muricata (spineless wattle) (Attributes)
Senegalia nigrescens (knobthorn) (Attributes)
Senegalia nitidifolia (Attributes)
Senegalia occidentalis (Attributes)
Senegalia ochracea
Senegalia ogadensis (Attributes)
Senegalia olivensana
Senegalia oliveri (Attributes)
Senegalia paganuccii
Senegalia painteri
Senegalia palawanensis (Attributes)
Senegalia paraensis (Attributes)
Senegalia parviceps (Attributes)
Senegalia pedicellata (Attributes)
Senegalia peninsularis (Attributes)
Senegalia pennata (Attributes)
Senegalia pentagona (Attributes)
Senegalia persiciflora (Attributes)
Senegalia pervillei (Attributes)
Senegalia petrensis
Senegalia piauhiensis (Attributes)
Senegalia picachensis (Attributes)
Senegalia piptadenioides
Senegalia pluricapitata (Attributes)
Senegalia pluriglandulosa (Attributes)
Senegalia podadenia
Senegalia polhillii (Attributes)
Senegalia polyacantha (catechu tree) (Attributes)
Senegalia polyphylla (Pashaco) (Attributes)
Senegalia potosina
Senegalia praecox (Garabato Negro) (Attributes)
Senegalia pruinescens (Attributes)
Senegalia pseudointsia
Senegalia pseudonigrescens (Attributes)
Senegalia pteridifolia (Attributes)
Senegalia purpusii
Senegalia recurva (Yuqueri) (Attributes)
Senegalia reniformis
Senegalia rhytidocarpa
Senegalia ricoae
Senegalia riograndensis
Senegalia riparia (Attributes)
Senegalia robynsiana (Attributes)
Senegalia roemeriana (roemer catclaw) (Attributes)
Senegalia rostrata
Senegalia rovumae (Attributes)
Senegalia rugata (Soap Pod) (Invasive) (Attributes)
Senegalia rurrenabaqueana (Attributes)
Senegalia sakalava (Attributes)
Senegalia santosii
Senegalia scandens
Senegalia schlechteri (Attributes)
Senegalia schweinfurthii (Attributes)
Senegalia senegal (gum arabic) (Attributes)
Senegalia serra
Senegalia skleroxyla
Senegalia somalensis (Attributes)
Senegalia sororia
Senegalia subangulata
Senegalia subsessilis
Senegalia sulitii (Attributes)
Senegalia tamarindifolia (Attributes)
Senegalia tanganyikensis (Attributes)
Senegalia tawitawiensis (Attributes)
Senegalia taylorii
Senegalia teniana (Attributes)
Senegalia tenuifolia
Senegalia tephrodermis (Attributes)
Senegalia thailandica (Attributes)
Senegalia thomasii (Attributes)
Senegalia tomentella
Senegalia tonkinensis (Attributes)
Senegalia torta (Attributes)
Senegalia trijuga (Attributes)
Senegalia tubulifera
Senegalia tucumanensis (Garabato Negro) (Attributes)
Senegalia turneri
Senegalia velutina (Attributes)
Senegalia venosa (Attributes)
Senegalia vietnamensis (Attributes)
Senegalia visco (Viscote Negro) (Attributes)
Senegalia vogeliana
Senegalia weberbaueri (Attributes)
Senegalia welwitschii (Attributes)
Senegalia wrightii (Catclaw) (Attributes)
Senegalia yunnanensis (Attributes)
Senegalia zamundii
Senegalia zizyphispina (Attributes)


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