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Cecropis is a genus of large swallows found in Africa and tropical Asia. The red-rumped swallow's range also extends into southern Europe. This genus is frequently subsumed into the larger genus Hirundo.The swallow family consists of 74 bird species which typically hunt insects in flight. The two river martins have long been recognised as very distinctive, and are placed in a separate subfamily, Pseudochelidoninae, leaving all other swallows and martins in the Hirundininae.
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Cecropis abyssinica (Lesser Striped-swallow) (Attributes)
Cecropis badia (Rufous-bellied Swallow)
Cecropis cucullata (Greater striped-swallow) (Attributes)
Cecropis daurica (Red-rumped swallow) (Attributes)
Cecropis domicella (West African Swallow)
Cecropis hyperythra (Sri Lanka swallow)
Cecropis semirufa (Rufous-chested Swallow) (Attributes)
Cecropis senegalensis (Mosque Swallow) (Attributes)
Cecropis striolata (Striated Swallow) (Attributes)


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