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Macrosiphum euphorbiae (potato aphid)

Synonyms: Acyrthosiphon solanifolii; Acyrtosiphon solanifolii; Illinoia cucurbitae; Illinoia solanifolii; Illinoia tulipae; Macrosiphon citrifolii; Macrosiphon solanifolii; Macrosiphum asclepiadifolii; Macrosiphum asclepiadis; Macrosiphum citrifolii; Macrosiphum cucurbitae; Macrosiphum fragariae f. immaculata; Macrosiphum fragariae immaculata; Macrosiphum immaculatum; Macrosiphum tabaci; Macrosiphum tulipae; Myzus lycopersici; Nectarophora asclepiadis; Nectarophora citrifolii; Nectarophora cucurbitae; Nectarophora euphorbiae; Nectarophora euphorbicola; Nectarophora fragariae f. immaculata; Nectarophora heleniella; Nectarophora lycopersici; Nectarophora solanifolii; Nectarophora tabaci; Nectarophora tulipae; Siphonophora citrifolii; Siphonophora cucurbitae; Siphonophora euphorbiae; Siphonophora euphorbicola; Siphonophora fragariae f. immaculata; Siphonophora fragariae immaculata; Siphonophora solanifolii; Siphonophora tulipae

Wikipedia Abstract

Macrosiphum euphorbiae, the potato aphid, is a sap-sucking pest insect in the family Aphididae. It infests potatoes and a number of other commercially important crops.
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Prey / Diet

Lactuca sativa (Lettuce)[1]
Phaseolus vulgaris (Common Bean)[1]
Solanum tuberosum subsp. andigena (Irish potato)[1]



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