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Scolopendra morsitans (Common centipede)

Synonyms: Eurylithobius slateri; Scolopendra afzelii; Scolopendra angulipes; Scolopendra attenuata; Scolopendra bilineata; Scolopendra brachypoda; Scolopendra brandtiana; Scolopendra carinipes; Scolopendra chlorocephala; Scolopendra cognata; Scolopendra compressipes; Scolopendra crassipes; Scolopendra elegans; Scolopendra erythrocephala; Scolopendra fabricii; Scolopendra formosa; Scolopendra fulvipes; Scolopendra grandidieri; Scolopendra impressa; Scolopendra infesta; Scolopendra intermedia; Scolopendra leachii; Scolopendra limbata; Scolopendra lineata; Scolopendra longicornis; Scolopendra modesta; Scolopendra morsitans amazonica; Scolopendra morsitans calcarata; Scolopendra morsitans fasciata; Scolopendra morsitans procera; Scolopendra morsitans sulcipes; Scolopendra mossambica; Scolopendra pella; Scolopendra picturata; Scolopendra pilosella; Scolopendra planipes; Scolopendra platypoides; Scolopendra platypus; Scolopendra porphyratainia; Scolopendra richardsoni; Scolopendra saltatoria; Scolopendra spinosella; Scolopendra tigrina; Scolopendra tongana; Scolopendra tuberculidens; Scolopendra vaga; Scolopendra varia; Scolopendra wahlbergi; Trachycormocephalus jodhpurensis

Wikipedia Abstract

Scolopendra morsitans, also known as the Tanzanian blue ringleg or red-headed centipede, is a species of centipede in the family Scolopendridae.
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Invasive Species

The millipede Scolopendra morsitans is believed to be at least partly responsible for the decline of the 'Critically Endangered (CR)' St Helena giant earwig (see Labidura herculeana in IUCN Red List of Threatened Species) , giant ground beetle on Saint Helena and probably other endemic invertebrates on Ascension.
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Geobiastes squamiger (Scaly Ground Roller)[1]

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Alice Springs Desert Park
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