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Abies nordmanniana subsp. equi-trojani

Synonyms: Abies alba subsp. equi-trojani; Abies bornmuelleriana; Abies cephalonica var. graeca; Abies equi-trojani; Abies nordmanniana subsp. bornmuelleriana; Abies nordmanniana var. bornmuelleriana; Abies nordmanniana var. equi-trojani; Abies pectinata var. equi-trojani; Abies pectinata var. graeca; Abies picea var. leioclada

Wikipedia Abstract

Abies nordmanniana, the Nordmann fir or Caucasian fir, is a fir indigenous to the mountains south and east of the Black Sea, in Turkey, Georgia, Russian Caucasus and northern parts of Armenia. It occurs at altitudes of 900–2,200 m on mountains with a rainfall of over 1,000 mm. The current distribution of the Nordmann fir is associated with the forest refugia that existed during the Ice Age at the eastern and southern Black Sea coast.


Leaf Type [1]  Evergreen
Structure [1]  Tree


Cinara confinis[2]
Cinara pectinatae[2]
Dioryctria abietella[2]
Megastigmus pinus[2]
Megastigmus suspectus[2]
Sirex cyaneus (blue horntail)[2]
Sirex juvencus <Unverified Name>[2]
Urocerus gigas <Unverified Name>[2]
Xeris spectrum <Unverified Name>[2]


NW Turkey: Kaz-Dagh (Ida Mts.), Ulu-Dagh (Mt. Olympus of Bithynia).. TDWG: 34 TUR; W Turkey: Kaz-Dagh (Ida Mts.), Ulu-Dagh (Mt. Olympus of Bithynia). TDWG: 34 TUR;



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