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Asilus crabroniformis

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The hornet robberfly, Asilus crabroniformis, is a species of predatory insect of the Asilidae family. Reaching more than 25 mm in body length, it is one of the largest flies in the United Kingdom. and feeds on grasshoppers, dung beetles and other flies. Unlike an actual hornet, the robberfly only has one yellow patch on its abdomen and one pair of wings. The larvae are believed to feed on dung beetle larvae and other detritivores. It is a member of the robberfly family Asilidae, subfamily Asilinae and is included in the list of endangered species in the British Isles.
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Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Afon Tywi/ River Tywi 898 Wales, United Kingdom
Avon Gorge Woodlands 376 England, United Kingdom
Cardigan Bay/ Bae Ceredigion 236876 Wales, United Kingdom
Carmarthen Bay and Estuaries/ Bae Caerfyrddin ac Aberoedd 163340 Wales, United Kingdom
Cernydd Carmel 892 Wales, United Kingdom
Corsydd Llyn/ Lleyn Fens 701 Wales, United Kingdom
Crymlyn Bog/ Cors Crymlyn 740 Wales, United Kingdom
Dorset Heaths 14161 England, United Kingdom
Dorset Heaths (Purbeck and Wareham) and Studland Dunes 5491 England, United Kingdom
Dover to Kingsdown Cliffs 454 England, United Kingdom
East Devon Pebblebed Heaths 2767 England, United Kingdom
Fal and Helford 15785 England, United Kingdom    
Gower Commons/ Tiroedd Comin Gwyr 4390 Wales, United Kingdom
Lands End and Cape Bank 74557 England, United Kingdom  
Limestone Coast of South West Wales/ Arfordir Calchfaen de Orllewin Cymru 3940 Wales, United Kingdom  
Lizard Point 34565 England, United Kingdom    
Norfolk Valley Fens 1523 England, United Kingdom  
North Norfolk Coast 7926 England, United Kingdom  
Pen Llyn a`r Sarnau/ Lleyn Peninsula and the Sarnau 360832 Wales, United Kingdom
Plymouth Sound and Estuaries 15820 England, United Kingdom
Revingefältet 7431 Sweden  
River Usk/ Afon Wysg 2490 Wales, United Kingdom  
Salisbury Plain 52975 England, United Kingdom
Severn Estuary/ Môr Hafren 182155 England/Wales, United Kingdom
South Dartmoor Woods 5330 England, United Kingdom
South Hams 320 England, United Kingdom  
South Wight Maritime 49082 England, United Kingdom
St David`s / Ty Ddewi 2312 Wales, United Kingdom  
Start Point to Plymouth Sound & Eddystone 84204 England, United Kingdom  
The New Forest 72309 England, United Kingdom
Thursley, Ash, Pirbright and Chobham 12696 England, United Kingdom
Verkeåns dalgång 6796 Sweden  

Prey / Diet

Andrena fulva (Tawny Mining Bee)[1]
Aphodius aestivales <Unverified Name>[1]
Aphodius erraticus <Unverified Name>[1]
Aphodius fimetarius[1]
Aphodius fossor <Unverified Name>[1]
Apis mellifera (honey bee)[1]
Asilus crabroniformis[1]
Calliptamus italicus[1]
Chorthippus brunneus (Common Field Grasshopper)[1]
Echinomyia fera <Unverified Name>[1]
Empis livida[1]
Enallagma cyathigerum (Common Blue Damselfly)[1]
Haematopota pluvialis[1]
Hister unicolor[1]
Lestes sponsa (Emerald Damselfly)[1]
Lucilia caesar (Greenbottle Blow Fly)[1]
Lucilia sericata (Green blowfly)[1]
Lycaena corydon <Unverified Name>[1]
Machimus atricapillus[1]
Melinopterus prodromus[1]
Mesembrina meridiana (Mid-day Fly)[1]
Musca autumnalis (face fly)[1]
Myrmeleotettix maculatus (Mottled Grasshopper)[1]
Nicrophorus vespilloides[1]
Omocestus viridulus (Common Green Grasshopper)[1]
Omocestus viridulus viridulus (Common Green Grasshopper)[1]
Onthophagus similis[1]
Onthophagus taurus (Bullhorned dung beetle)[1]
Phaonia erratica <Unverified Name>[1]
Philonthus aeneus <Unverified Name>[1]
Philonthus politus <Unverified Name>[1]
Philonthus splendens <Unverified Name>[1]
Platydracus stercorarius <Unverified Name>[1]
Polietes lardaria[1]
Pseudochorthippus parallelus parallelus (Meadow Grasshopper)[1]
Ramburiella hispanicum <Unverified Name>[1]
Rhingia campestris[1]
Rhodaphodius foetens[1]
Sarcophaga aratrix[1]
Sarcophaga carnaria (Camouflaged Flesh Fly)[1]
Sarcophaga haemorrhoidalis <Unverified Name>[1]
Sarcophaga subvicina[1]
Sericomyia borealis <Unverified Name>[1]
Sericomyia silentis[1]
Sermyla halensis <Unverified Name>[1]
Sphaeridium lunatum[1]
Staphylinus erythropterus <Unverified Name>[1]
Stethophyma grossum (Large Marsh Grasshopper)[1]
Sympetrum sanguineum (Ruddy Darter)[1]
Tipula paludosa (European crane fly)[1]
Uroceros gigas <Unverified Name>[1]
Volucella pellucens (White-banded Drone Fly)[1]


Asilus crabroniformis[1]


Europe, North Africa;



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