Animalia > Arthropoda > Insecta > Diptera > Conopidae > Zodion > Zodion palpalis

Zodion palpalis

Synonyms: Sicus brevirostris; Zodion scapularis


Pollinator of 
Lysimachia quadriflora (fourflower yellow loosestrife)[1]
Stachys palustris (marsh hedgenettle)[1]
Staphylea trifolia (american bladdernut)[1]
Stellaria longifolia (longleaf chickweed)[1]
Stellaria media (chickweed)[1]
Taraxacum tenejapense[1]
Teucrium canadense (American germander)[1]
Trifolium hybridum (Alsike Clover)[1]
Trifolium repens (Ladino Clover)[1]
Verbena bracteata (bracted vervain)[1]
Verbena simplex[1]
Viola pedata (birdfoot violet)[1]


Wyo. to Virginia, Arizona, Mexico, andGa.;



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