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Zavrelimyia barbatipes


Prey / Diet

Brillia modesta[1]
Heterotrissocladius marcidus[1]
Leuctra brunnea[2]
Leuctra nigra[1]
Macropelopia nebulosa[2]
Micropsectra bidentata[1]
Nemurella pictetii[2]
Paraleptophlebia submarginata[2]
Polypedilum albicorne[1]
Prodiamesa olivacea[1]
Trissopelopia longimana[2]
Zavrelimyia barbatipes[2]


Cordulegaster boltonii (Golden-ringed Dragonfly)[1]
Macropelopia nebulosa[2]
Plectrocnemia conspersa[1]
Sialis fuliginosa (Marsh Alderfly)[1]
Siphonoperla torrentium[1]
Trissopelopia longimana[2]
Zavrelimyia barbatipes[2]


Europe: Russia: CET (La, Rs);



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