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Bibio johannis

Synonyms: Bibio clavipes; Bibio jacobi; Bibio joannis; Bibio marginalis; Bibio nigrifemur; Hirtea hyalinus; Hirtea praecox; Tipula pyri

Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Borders Woods 132 Scotland, United Kingdom
Cairngorms 142543 Scotland, United Kingdom
Coedwigoedd Penrhyn Creuddyn/ Creuddyn Peninsula Woods 294 Wales, United Kingdom  
Corsydd Eifionydd 357 Wales, United Kingdom  
Dee Estuary/ Aber Dyfrdwy 39057 England/Wales, United Kingdom
Fenland 1529 England, United Kingdom
Lower Derwent Valley 2263 England, United Kingdom
Moor House – Upper Teesdale 95867 England, United Kingdom
Morecambe Bay Pavements 6449 England, United Kingdom
Morfa Harlech a Morfa Dyffryn 2626 Wales, United Kingdom
Pembrokeshire Marine/ Sir Benfro Forol 341177 Wales, United Kingdom  
Pen Llyn a`r Sarnau/ Lleyn Peninsula and the Sarnau 360832 Wales, United Kingdom
Sefton Coast 11278 England, United Kingdom
Severn Estuary/ Môr Hafren 182155 England/Wales, United Kingdom
Y Twyni o Abermenai i Aberffraw/ Abermenai to Aberffraw Dunes 4623 Wales, United Kingdom  


Prey / Diet

Anthriscus sylvestris (cow parsley)[1]
Larix decidua (European larch)[2]
Taraxacum campylodes (Dandelion)[1]
Triticum aestivum (common wheat)[2]

Prey / Diet Overlap

Competing SpeciesCommon Prey Count
Autographa bractea (Gold Spangle)2
Cheilosia vulpina2
Cnephasia asseclana (Flax Tortrix Moth)2
Cnephasia incertana (Light Grey Tortrix Moth)2
Cnephasia stephensiana (Grey Tortrix Moth)2
Empis trigramma2
Helina reversio2
Idaea dimidiata (Single-dotted Wave Moth)2
Leucozona lucorum2
Maniola jurtina (Meadow Brown Butterfly)2
Neoascia podagrica2
Nephrotoma appendiculata (spotted crane fly)2
Phorbia fumigata2
Sarcophaga carnaria (Camouflaged Flesh Fly)2


Pollinator of 
Anthriscus sylvestris (cow parsley)[1]
Taraxacum campylodes (Dandelion)[1]


India; widespread Palaearctic region;



Attributes / relations provided by
1Ecology of Commanster
2Biological Records Centre Database of Insects and their Food Plants
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