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Desmos chinensis

Synonyms: Artabotrys esquirolii; Desmos chinensis var. brevifolius; Desmos chinensis var. laevigatus; Desmos chinensis var. latifolius; Desmos chinensis var. macropetalus; Desmos chinensis var. pubescens; Desmos chinensis var. pubiflorus; Unona amherstiana; Unona biglandulosa; Unona chinensis; Unona discolor; Unona discolor var. angustipetala; Unona discolor var. bracteata; Unona discolor var. brevifolia; Unona discolor var. laevigata; Unona discolor var. latifolia; Unona discolor var. macropetala; Unona discolor var. neglecta; Unona discolor var. parviflora; Unona discolor var. pubiflora; Unona discolor var. siamensis; Unona laevigata; Unona lessertiana; Unona monilifera; Unona roxburghiana; Unona undulata; Uvaria amherstiana; Uvaria discolor; Uvaria monilifera

Wikipedia Abstract

Desmos chinensis is a flowering plant of the custard-apple family, Annonaceae. The yellowish-green flowers are similar to the Ylang-ylang flowers, therefore this plant is sometimes known as dwarf ylang-ylang. Their smell, however, is much less strong and is only felt in the morning. By midday it has mostly faded away.
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Leaf Type [1]  Evergreen
Structure [1]  Shrub


Graphium agamemnon (Tailed jay swallowtail)[2]
Graphium antiphates (Fivebar swordtail)[3]
Hylobates lar (white-handed gibbon)[4]



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