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Corydoras melanotaenia (Green gold catfish)

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The green gold catfish (Corydoras melanotaenia) is a tropical freshwater fish belonging to the Corydoradinae subfamily of the Callichthyidae family. It originates in inland waters in South America, and is found in the Meta River basin in Colombia.The fish grows up to 2.3 in (5.8 cm) long. It lives in a tropical climate in water with a 6.0–8.0 pH, a water hardness of 2–25 dGH, and a temperature range of 73–77°F (23–25°C). It feeds on worms, benthic crustaceans, insects, and plant matter.
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St. Paul's Como Zoo
Zoo Negara Malaysia


America, South - Inland waters; Colombia; Neotropical; South America: Meta River basin in Colombia.;



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